Gospel Library for Windows Beta Issues

Below is a list of known issues with the beta version of Gospel Library for Windows, now in open testing via a download from the Windows Store. This new version of the application has been written specifically for Windows 10 and takes advantage of Microsoft's Universal App Platform. Bugs that have been struck out below are bugs that are currently fixed in the code and will be fixed in an upcoming update to the beta.

You can learn more about Gospel Library for Windows 10 Beta here.

Note: We are not currently taking feedback on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

General Issues

Annotations Pane

  • (VSO 737) Sometimes, the preview text in the annotations pane misses a space. (Malachi 3:9 - arecursed; Alma 37:35 - learnwisdom; 2 Nephi 2:27 - chooseliberty)


  • (VSO 677) There isn't a "New Journal Entry" button in the Annotate ribbon
  • (VSO 756) Highlights/underlines on hymns (and possibly other indented content) stop showing up after signing out and back in or on other devices. The app sees the marking (it shows up in the Annotations pane) and they ARE syncing to, but the app doesn't render the marking.
  • (VSO 758) The app refers to Journal Entries as Journals. This is inconsistent with
  • (VSO 764) When selecting user-generated content, like an inline note, tag, or link, the app does not disable annotation options in either the annotate ribbon or the context menu.
  • (VSO 794) Doing anything to cause the app to redraw annotations will cause the chapter to scroll upward. Editing highlights, clicking "save" in the annotations editor, etc., even when nothing has actually been changed.

Annotations Editor

  • (VSO 676) Invert cancel/delete/save button locations to match iOS, or use the more Windowsy close button and place save at the bottom below and to the right of Notebooks
  • (VSO 775) It's not possible to add a link to an existing note in the Annotations Editor.
  • (VSO 780) App doesn't prompt user to save changes to a note when exiting the annotations editor using the cancel/X button.
  • (VSO 796) When adding a new tag via the "New Tag" option on either the Annotate ribbon or the context menu, the app does not set the focus to the tags box in the Annotations Editor. Similarly, "Note" and "Marked Note" don't automatically set focus to the Title box.

Context Menu

  • (VSO 776) Links aren't entirely intuitive when using the context menu.


  • (VSO 635) Selecting one or the other while media is playing should automatically start the media if media is already playing.
  • (VSO 787) Download button remains selected (darkened) in the media ribbon after an item has been downloaded and the user switches to another chapter.
  • (VSO 788) It's not intuitive to have to select media again to get it to play after it has finished. For example, if I play Psalm 10, then move to Psalm 15, there's nothing that tells the user that, in order to get to Psalm 15's audio, they have to click the Select Audio button. If the audio playback has stopped (the chapter has finished playing or was never started) the app should be switching the audio selection for the user.


  • (VSO 603) Remove the redundant Doctrine and Covenants from Library Contents Entries for sections
  • (VSO 793) Semantic zoom on alphabetic sorting sections like the Bible Dictionary and Topical Guide doesn't show the letters in the semantic grid.


  • (VSO 720) Printing currently only supports the base content, and doesn't include any annotations--notes, tags, links, or markings.
  • (VSO 791) If a user's default browser is Firefox, the print function does not work. The user is hit with an "Access to the file was denied" error.


  • (VSO 655) Search can cause the app to crash. For example, with all items downloaded in the app, try the search "Count Your Blessings", and wait as the search results slowly populate. The app will eventually crash.


  • (VSO 783) The CTRL + Tab and CTRL + Shift + Tab keyboard shortcuts exhibit some peculiar behaviors. Often, the hamburger menu (CTRL + Tab) or New Tab button (CTRL + Shift + Tab) will get put into the rotation. Sometimes, the tabs cycle out of order.
  • (VSO 784) Tabs don't re-scroll to referenced locations when switching back to them. Open a piece of content, for example, Jacob 4. Open a reference and follow it, like "little"s link to Jarom 1:14 in verse 1. Open a new tab. Now switch back to Jarom. Note that the chapter is at the top, rather than at verse 14.
  • (VSO 797) The "Always Show the Tabs Bar" setting doesn't affect the tabs bar when the app first loads. As a result, a user that has enabled the setting, but then closes the app, will not have the tabs bar visible when opening the app again but will first need to open a new tab using the + button on the home ribbon.


  • (VSO 657) After upgrading from the previous beta (2.x), the app is very, very unresponsive until the app has been closed and reopened again.
  • (VSO 687) After switching themes, the accordion colors in the annotations and library panes don't update to the new theme's coloration.
  • (VSO 736) Changing the theme doesn’t recolor toggles or the slider when changing to the night theme
  • (VSO 738) CTRL+C and Copy in the context menu work differently.
  • (VSO 769) The "First Run" experience isn't middle-centered like it should be (and was), but is instead stuck to the top of the screen. This looks particularly odd on portrait-oriented devices.
  • (VSO 772) Although we have support for the interface in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian, users can't actually switch to them. 
  • (VSO 785) Users are accidentally triggering immersive mode in a number of ways, including: (1) double-clicking to select text (2) trying to quickly change chapters, (3) double-clicking /double-tapping to fullscreen or unfullscreen a video, (4) double-clicking/double-tapping the formatting buttons in the annotations editor, (5) double-clicking/tapping on objects in the ribbons while trying to perform various actions.
  • (VSO 786) Cannot convert given urldecoder to an ICatalogObject error.
  • (VSO 792) CDCorrupt / System.IO.IOException error.
  • (VSO 798) Can't submit errors via the Report Issue to Developers button.

Mobile-Specific Issues

Note: We are not currently taking feedback on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

  • (VSO 621) The "First Run" experience does not adjust for screen size.
  • (VSO 742) … doesn't work in the Bookmarks flyout
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