Gospel Library for Windows Preview Issues

Below is a list of known issues with the alpha version of Gospel Library for Windows (Gospel Library for Windows Preview), currently in closed testing in the Gospel Library Windows project. This new version of the application has been written specifically for Windows 10 and takes advantage of Microsoft's Universal App Platform.

General Issues

Annotations Pane

  • (VSO 574) Making certain types of edits to notes with the annotations pane open causes an error to occur. (Example: Modifying note text with a tag when the associated tag is visible (and "expanded") in the annotations pane.)
  • (VSO 594) Books that appear as not downloaded in the annotations pane do not download when pressed. Instead, they do nothing.
  • (VSO 596) Pressing on an item in the navigation pane, then clicking its preview will cause the preview to appear, the annotations pane to close, and the text preview to be left floating in the middle of nowhere until the user clicks away.
  • (VSO 625) Right-click "Delete" option exists for Notebooks in the annotations pane, as expected, but not for highlights, underlines, notes, tags, etc., as also expected.


  • (VSO 559) Misalignment with highlighting/underlining if the selected text starts with normal text and moves into a list (for example, in Gospel Principles)
  • (VSO 575) App does not warn user that Notes are off when attempting to create a new note or tag, making it look like the features aren't working.
  • (VSO 577) Focus (the cursor) is not moved into the tag textbox after the tag button is pressed.
  • (VSO 578) The box for notes/tags does not scroll into view if the tag/note button is pressed on a selection of text near the bottom of the visible text.
  • (VSO 579) Adding a mark/underline is not intuitive.
  • (VSO 606) Error updating annotations
  • (VSO 613) The notebook selector does not appear in the Notes edit mode if the note has not/was not been tied to a highlight or underline at creation.
  • (VSO 614) Notes without tags, notebooks, or links have a large gap of whitespace at the bottom.
  • (VSO 615) Markdown comes through for notes created by other platforms (ie. Android).
  • (VSO 626) Default Notebook does not show "Default Notebooks" at the top of the dropdown, to show the user what it is. This is particularly problematic because there are no tooltips and for touch users.
  • (VSO 627) Default Notebook does not show the selected notebook as selected (darkened) when the dropdown is expanded.
  • (VSO 628) Visible Notebooks does not show "Visible Notebooks" at the top of the dropdown, to show the user what it is. This is particularly problematic because there are no tooltips and for touch users.
  • (VSO 629) Notes containing more than two lines are (visually) rendered twice. Once only partially (the first two lines), then in full. The app may be double-rendering even shorter notes, but it is most obvious with the longer notes.


  • (VSO 581) Update/Delete options in the bookmark pane are not very discoverable for touch users as this control is not common for Windows applications.
  • (VSO 583) Bookmarks that lead to non-downloaded content do not indicate that the content is not downloaded. Bookmarks that lead to non-downloaded content neither download said content nor present the user with an error. The app just does nothing.
  • (VSO 585) Renaming bookmarks is not easily discoverable.
  • (VSO 616) Bookmarks pane does not get automatically collapsed in unpinned mode after clicking "Add Bookmark".
  • (VSO 617) Bookmarks that have been renamed do not show their locations below the name in the Bookmarks pane (as does the current app). Combined with 583, this makes it impossible to know what to download if the book hasn't already been downloaded.
  • (VSO 618) Odd bookmarking behavior in certain books. (Adding a bookmark to the top of Ch 31 of in the Gospel Principles manual creates an invisible bookmark. Attempting to create a bookmark elsewhere results in the bookmark being made, but never visible in the text.


  • (VSO 567) Clicking "Download All" from the menu that pops up when a user right-clicks on "Library Contents" causes the app to hang for a while, act like it's downloading books (though it's entirely unresponsive), and eventually crash. This also occurs when downloading large sections, like Church Magazines.
  • (VSO 586) After removing and re-downloading an item, the "Delete" option in the right-click menu for that item is not re-enabled until the user navigates away and comes back to the same page.
  • (VSO 612) When right-clicking on "Library Contents" in the library pane, the text should read "Download All" instead of "Download Section" as it is not a section being downloaded, but the full library. Also, "Download All" should appear in the ellipses (more) menu.
  • (VSO 619) "Delete Section" option is enabled in the right-click menu for sections, even when nothing is downloaded in that section.
  • (VSO 620) "Download Section" option is enabled in the right-click menu for sections, even when everything is downloaded in that section.
  • (VSO 630) If a user downloads a large-ish section and while it is downloading, downloads a few individual books, the download counter in the bottom-right will get stuck (at the number of individual items downloaded) until another item is downloaded.


  • (VSO 601) It is possible to get stuck in list view instead of grid view for library pages by using the breadcrumbs to navigate.


  • (VSO 609) Hitting enter on the keyboard or clicking the magnifying glass does not perform a deep search.
  • (VSO 610) When attempting to scroll through the options in a quick search by using the arrow keys, selecting one of the options immediately navigates to that item.
  • (VSO 611) When performing a second quick search, the app freezes when attempting to scroll though the results with a keyboard.
  • (VSO 631) Quick search does not work for queries of only two characters in length (like a hymn number)
  • (VSO 632) Quick search does not work at all for hymn numbers or numbers of songs from the Children's Songbook.


  • (VSO 602) Playing a video fullscreen produces an unknown error.
  • (VSO 604) "Fullscreen" for embedded videos only fills the reading space.
  • (VSO 633) Background audio not yet implemented
  • (VSO 634) The music/video icons are not obviously toggles. They should darken when selected, like the highlight/underline toggle does currently.
  • (VSO 635) Selecting one or the other while media is playing should automatically start the media if media is already playing.
  • (VSO 636) If a user changes from audio to video (or vice versa) for the same media content, the media should pick back up where it left off, not start over from the beginning.
  • (VSO XXX) Music will also need a dropdown (choosing hymns with vs. without the choir)
  • (VSO 637) The selected choice in the video dropdown (and in the ideal audio dropdown) does not show the current selection (expectation: the dark box common for selections)
  • (VSO 638) Items in the More menu on the Media pane are too close together (rougher than necessary for touch users. See Edge's More menu).
  • (VSO 639) Change string in app to match Edge's "Cast media to device" for consistency's sake.
  • (VSO 640) The first time using Media in the app, the audio is pre-loaded, but the user must select the audio icon in order to be able to press the play icon to play the audio, which also triggers a reloading of the pre-loaded audio.
  • (VSO XXX) No audio for hymns/children's songs at all.


  • (VSO 561) (We currently are using) a cover view instead of chapter list view for chapter listings (difference between v4 and our current app/iOS and Android)
  • (VSO 563) Buttons missing tooltips
  • (VSO 589) Trying to rapidly change chapters by clicking either the previous or next chapter arrows frequently fails to change the chapter (or dramatically slows the rate of change) when the user clicks at a rate with any amount of gusto.
  • (VSO 595) When navigating using the bookmarks, history, or annotations pane, if the user clicks more than once, the app navigates to the same content more than once.
  • (VSO 600) Subsections with only a single item are getting their own lines. This is especially noticeable in the "Youth" section.
  • (VSO 603) Remove the redundant Doctrine and Covenants from Library Contents Entries for sections
  • (VSO 641) tags appear in the address bar when visiting music (hymn or child's song).
  • (VSO 642) Tapping or clicking on a non-downloaded result in quick results in the address bar will download the book, but does not navigate to it.
  • (VSO 643) Tapping or clicking on a non-downloaded result in quick results in the search pane does nothing.


  • (VSO 562) Advanced copy function from old app missing (filters out footnote superscripts, adds in the reference with a link).
  • (VSO 588) OpenDyslexic is not applied to the right-click menu for download all/delete all; OpenDyslexic is not applied to italicized text in the Old/New Testaments; OpenDyslexic is not applied to verse numbers or superscripts.
  • (VSO 590) App still identifies itself as v3.x, instead of v4.x.
  • (VSO 623) OpenDyslexic is not applied to many items in the hymnal or to the Children's Songbook.
  • (VSO 644) We need to handle invalid content better. (See current behavior when a user attempts to open the "help guide")
  • (VSO 645) Being in airplane mode, having no Internet connection, or having a poor connection causes [ERROR 1] to appear. The app should suppress this error and just sync when a connection is again available.
  • (VSO 646) If the user changes their credentials for login at (updating a password, for example), the app presents the user with an error (user must accept HTTP Request) instead of alerting the user that they need to update their login credentials in the application.

Mobile-Specific Issues

Note: We are not currently taking feedback on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

  • (VSO 621) The "First Run" experience does not adjust for screen size.
  • (VSO 622) Software keys hide the bottom nav bar.
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