Gospel Library for Windows Beta Issues

Below is a list of known issues with the beta version of Gospel Library for Windows, now in open testing via a download from the Windows Store. This new version of the application has been written specifically for Windows 10 and takes advantage of Microsoft's Universal App Platform. Bugs that have been struck out below are bugs that are currently fixed in the code and will be fixed in an upcoming update to the beta.

Note: We are not currently taking feedback on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

General Issues

Annotations Pane

  • (VSO 683) When using the night theme, Note/Journal text in the annotations pane isn't white.
  • (VSO 737) Sometimes, the preview text in the annotations pane misses a space. (Malachi 3:9 - arecursed; Alma 37:35 - learnwisdom; 2 Nephi 2:27 - chooseliberty)


  • (VSO 579) Adding a mark/underline is not intuitive.
  • (VSO 606) Error updating annotations
  • (VSO 673) It is often required to force the app to redraw the annotations by resizing the window or changing text size in order to see many annotations, especially highlights and underlines.
  • (VSO 675) Not all notes and tags appear to load in and show in the content, even though they appear in the annotations pane. Possibly related to VSO 618.
  • (VSO 677) There isn't a "New Journal Entry" button in the Annotations ribbon

Annotations Editor

  • (VSO 674) Highlights don't automatically update their color after being changed in the Annotation Editor. Possibly related to VSO 673.
  • (VSO 676) Invert cancel/delete/save button locations to match iOS, or use the more Windowsy close button and place save at the bottom below and to the right of Notebooks


  • (VSO 667) Some bookmarks are invisible on the content page.
  • (VSO 741) Error upon downloading a book via the bookmarks pane.


  • (VSO 654) App is not suppressing errors from downloads while downloading a section or all content. (Is it, perhaps, also not re-trying when it errors out on this content?) This can result in numerous popup error messages over the course of "downloading all".


There are no known issues related to the breadcrumbs feature at this time.


  • (VSO 655) Search can cause the app to crash. For example, with all items downloaded in the app, try the search "Count Your Blessings", and wait as the search results slowly populate. The app will eventually crash.


  • (VSO 633) Background audio not yet implemented
  • (VSO 634) The music/video icons are not obviously toggles. They should darken when selected, like the highlight/underline toggle does currently.
  • (VSO 635) Selecting one or the other while media is playing should automatically start the media if media is already playing.
  • (VSO 637) The selected choice in the video dropdown (and in the ideal audio dropdown) does not show the current selection (expectation: the dark box common for selections)
  • (VSO 640) The first time using Media in the app, the audio is pre-loaded, but the user must select the audio icon in order to be able to press the play icon to play the audio, which also triggers a reloading of the pre-loaded audio.
  • No audio is available for the Children's Songbook.
  • (VSO 658) It is not possible to resize the video playback square with a cursor.
  • (VSO 659) It is not possible to double-click to full screen playing video.


  • (VSO 603) Remove the redundant Doctrine and Covenants from Library Contents Entries for sections
  • (VSO 661) Attempting to use the forward or backward buttons on a mouse does not cause the app to navigate forward or backward in history, as would be expected.
  • (VSO 740) Some External URLs still open in the reading pane.


  • (VSO 720) Printing currently only supports the base content, and doesn't include any annotations--notes, tags, links, or markings.
  • (VSO 735) Pound sign in file name of temp print file causes Vivaldi (and potentially other browsers) to fail to load the page necessary to begin printing


  • (VSO 657) After upgrading from the previous beta (2.x), the app is very, very unresponsive until the app has been closed and reopened again.
  • (VSO 687) After switching themes, the accordion colors in the annotations and library panes don't update to the new theme's coloration.
  • (VSO 734) Items in the More menu on the Home ribbon are too close together (rougher than necessary for touch users. See Edge's More menu or our own More menu on the Media ribbon).
  • (VSO 736) Changing the theme doesn’t recolor toggles or the slider when changing to the night theme
  • (VSO 738) CTRL+C and Copy in the context menu work differently
  • (VSO 739) Touch selection can be finicky near the end of a verse or paragraph, with the selection rapidly inverting itself and returning to normal.

Mobile-Specific Issues

Note: We are not currently taking feedback on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

  • (VSO 621) The "First Run" experience does not adjust for screen size.
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