Gospel Library for Windows Known Issues

The content team is updating content to HTML5, meaning that the app will not be able to display the content unless rewritten. Listed below is a sampling of known issues with our application. These are ones we have recorded, currently we are focusing on v4 to support the new content format being published by the Church and it is rewritten as a Windows 10 universal app. This limits how many of these we can focus on.


Gospel Library for Windows

Windows Phone Version

MKI-47 Homescreen alignment issues.

MKI-51 With a word highlighted, open the Radial Menu, and then move the Radial Menu around, the word is no longer highlighted.

MKI-52 After light dismissing the radial menu, the “…” circle is still visible, but if you click on it, it disappears. I think it should reopen the radial menu or maybe the “…” circle should not be visible since the highlighting goes away too.

MKI-53 In the Library drop down on the Phone, if there are only a few chapters in a book (like Jacob, Galatians, Philippians, etc), the list of numbers is centered instead of left justified, like it would be if there were enough chapters to wrap to a second line.

MKI-59 No solid download circle appears in the history pane when downloading an item.

MKI-62 "Remove book" appears as a long-press option on books that have not yet been downloaded.

MKI-76 Bookmarks do not regularly bring the user to both chapter and verse or paragraph of the bookmarked area. Frequently, the bookmark will simply dump the user at the top of the chapter.

Windows 8.1 Version

KI-15 Keyboard and mouse interface/accessibility issues.

KI-18 Media does not scale with the text.

KI-22 Certain pieces of footnote information are lost.

KI-26 On some aspect ratios, the chapter can slide too far when switching chapters.

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