Gospel Library for Windows FAQ


Gospel Library for Windows

1. When is ___________ coming?

There are a number of features the Gospel Library for Windows team is working on at any given time. We're working as quickly as we can to bring features to Gospel Library on Windows that expand its potential as an invaluable part of your daily study. If there's a feature you'd like to see from another version of Gospel Library, such as Gospel Library for iOS or Gospel Library for Android, it's on its way. If you've got a new idea for a feature you'd like to see, feel free to send us your idea as feedback.

2. My device has a pen. Why can't I just draw on the screen?

This is a really cool feature idea, but, at least at present, it doesn't appear to be feasible to implement because of the way text reflows in the application. Doing something as simple as adjusting font size or changing the snap or window size for Gospel Library would cause notes created by a pen to become distorted or out of place. We are, however, working on ideas that will still make the pen a valuable tool for study.

3. Sometimes, I can't add a note, bookmark, or highlight. What's happening?

Some older content in Gospel Library has limitations on what can be annotated because simply doesn't know what to do with any annotations that are created there. Because of this, the application will only show options for copy and share when content of this sort is selected. Items in bulleted or numbered lists and tables are the most common examples of un-markable content.

4. I think I found a bug! What do I do?

First, make sure you can get it to happen pretty reliably. If you can regularly reproduce the error and give us steps to reproduce it, too, it makes it much, much easier for us to track down the cause of a bug and to find a way to fix it. Once you have steps for reproducing the bug, send us feedback with those steps and some information about the device you're running Gospel Library for Windows on: is it a tablet? A laptop? A desktop? Who makes it? What model is it? And more. More information is always preferable to less.

5. What about Windows 10?

For now the Windows 8.1 works on Windows 10. We are actively engaged in writing a version designed around Windows 10.

6. Is Gospel Library a universal application? Will the Windows Phone version of Gospel Library be updated?

Gospel Library for Windows is a universal application. This means that you can install it on all your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. A rewrite as a truly universal application extending it to other devices is underway.

7. I'd like to volunteer some of my time to help develop Gospel Library for Windows. What can I do to help?

There are many ways you can help! First, sign in with your LDS Account here at, then join the project called Gospel Library Windows. We can always use more testers, volunteers to help translate the application into new languages, and, especially, developers with active MSDN subscriptions and a solid knowledge of XAML, C#, and JavaScript to help us improve the application and expand its reach to more of the world.

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