Gospel Library for Windows 8 Known Issues

The content team has made several drastic changes to how content is delivered to the application, meaning that, especially, the Magazine and Lessons sections of the app will cause the application to crash. We are aware of this issue and have issued a fix. Please update your application to the current version on the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store, according to your device type.

Note: the covers for both these sections are currently blank. We'll update this in a future release.


Gospel Library for Windows

Windows Phone Version

MKI-18 | App is not localized in all current Windows 8 languages (Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese)

MKI-25 | Share does not work on annotated content (highlight/underline, note, or bookmark) on the first attempt to share. Subsequent attempts do appear to work consistently.

MKI-33 | Pressing the back arrow during video playback causes the chapter to change, rather than just exiting the player. (Preview Feature)

MKI-34 | Without a sufficient number of days, it is not evident when using history's semantic zoom that you must tap a day to close the selector. Just need to conceal background here.

MKI-47 | The homescreen has a number of appearance problems in both portrait and landscape modes in which the sections of the homescreen will not line up properly.

MKI-51 | With a word highlighted, open the Radial Menu, and then move the Radial Menu around, the word is no longer highlighted.

MKI-52 | After light dismissing the radial menu, the “…” circle is still visible, but if you click on it, it disappears.

MKI-53 | In the Library drop down on the Phone, if there are only a few chapters in a book (like Jacob, Galatians, Philippians, etc), the list of numbers is center justified instead of left justified, like there is if there are enough chapters to wrap to a second line.

MKI-59 | No solid download circle appears in the history pane when downloading an item.

MKI-62 | "Remove book" appears as a long-press option on books that have not yet been downloaded.

MKI-65 | The language list in the My Collections edit mode loads very slowly.

MKI-75 | Sometimes, it is not possible to scroll all the way down in content.

Windows 8.1 Version

Listed below is a sampling of known issues with our application. These are ones we have recorded and are working to fix.

  • The remove book icon appears when it should not.
  • Sometimes, following a reference back will cause the application to give an erroneous "Not Download" icon.
  • Pressing the down arrow on the keyboard after switching back to the application will cause the chapter to change instead of scrolling down.
  • The references pane is missing some information, does not scroll with the content, and does not increase in size with the content.
  • Search Results from April 2014 General Conference appear out of order.
  • Sometimes, when switching languages with the library pane open, the application will not resize the scroll box.
  • The reference to Mosiah 9-22 in Mosiah 8:5 does not work.
  • Scrolling through the Doctrine and Covenants can cause the links in the section headers to stop working.
  • The language selector on the home page is not in alignment with other locations in the app, like the Inspirational Messages page.
  • References to other parts of the same chapter do not scroll correctly.
  • Search sometimes shows duplicate categories or shows both "No Results" and the results of quick search. Search also does not show that it is progressing and only performs exact phrase searches.
  • Many pieces of the application do not adequately support keyboard operation or Narrator.
  • Some chapters of books are not bookmarkable.
  • Annotations made without being signed in are lost upon signing in to your LDS Account.
  • Pressing and holding or right-clicking on an image can cause the application to crash.

Legacy Windows Phone Version

  • Sometimes, annotations (bookmarks, highlights, etc.) fail to save in the application. When this happens, you'll need to reinstall the app from the Windows Phone Store and sign in to your LDS Account again. We're working on an all new version of the app for Windows Phone 8.1 that does not have this issue.
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