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This part of the wiki is updates for those who belong to the project team. The project is being developed using TFS. However, our project team has many members who are not writing the code but involved in testing or helping out in other ways. Here we keep the updated info to guide them in determining how to help. We will be providing a repository for the latest build to allow them to start testing as soon as we have the next one ready.

The project is in the middle of a major rewrite. Our primary goal is to rewrite the code to support Platform 17 coming out of the Church's content team using the new Windows 8.1 WebView control. We are also working on new features. This week we decided to go ahead and write a clean build that pulls in the code pieces we want from the current project to reuse rather than try to modify the current project. That is how much of a rewrite it is. We have also separated our team into 5 subgroups explained below. The best way to help at the moment is to see if there is a group you are particularly interested in which you can make a significant contribution. If you are already set up on TFS reach out to the subgroup leader and offer your assistance or take ownership of one of the tasks already created. Also, please be aware that the project manager is in the process of pairing the TFS server. If you do not have an already paid TFS license and you have not been contributing code then the project manager will reach out to you to see if you can finds ways to help using this wiki. Our 5 subgroups:

Parsing the catalog and the content

  1. We need to decouple the parsing from the rendering. Currently working very closely with the Rendering Group.
  2. We need to change to Platform 17 so we get updates automatically.

Rendering the content and Overall User Interaction

  1. With the WebView control determined we need make the data solidly accessible at a verse level to all linking so users can get right to what they want to see.
  2. We need to fix lingering issues so the content always looks great and we can read everything.
  3. New features like notes and annotations as well as copy and paste need to be designed to be easily accessible without dirtying the design we are pleased with.
  4. Consider how to or even if we should combine GoTo button with the Search feature without slowing the users down or making it confusing.

Currently looking for help with deep XAML experience

New features

  1. Interaction and Integration with Databases (SQL, SQLite, Perst)
  2. Web Service API calls
  3. JSON formatted http responses
  4. Asynchronous methods development
  5. Access authentication layer (User and App auth)
  6. Buffer and Clipboard utilization
  7. Internationalization and Localization
    • Capture strings into Resource file
    • Translate UI strings (13 languages)
    • Ensure proper globalization compatibility
    • Translated content validation

Windows Phone

  1. Looking for a way to upgrade to Platform 17 without having to wait for the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 convergence expected towards summer.

Language update sent to store May 31, 2014

Going public

The project is now public. New members will be added as observers until one of the subgroup team leaders picks them up to help in a specific way.

File:Gospel Library for Windows 8 Project Guidelines.docx

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