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Gospel Library for Android Index edit

The following are wish list items for the Gospel Library for Android.

Note: Items in this list may or may not have been added by individuals on the Gospel Library Project team. Because an item is on this list does not mean that it will be added to Gospel Library at some time in the future. Items that are included will be chosen by individuals at the Church and by members of the Gospel Library team based upon the need and merit of the suggestion. Development new functionality is also based on the availability and skill of the people doing the development and the capabilities of the Android platform.

Content Wish List

  • Scriptures
    • Color Maps Completed
    • Facsimiles
    • Highlighting more or less than a verse at a time. Completed
    • Lectures on Faith
    • Swedish Bible (SFB Svenska folkbibeln version) Must be out there since many other apps using it.
    • Small caps "LORD" and "GOD" where found in KJV Completed
    • Red Letters of Christ would be a nice addition, not only for KJV Bible, but all scripture where appropriate.
    • History of the Church (6 vols) with hyperlinks into lesson manuals / D&C.
    • Book of Mormon "Mandarin (Romanized)" as sold in the LDS Products and Materials Store, with Chinese characters, pinyin pronunciation and English all together. Or perhaps just the characters but with a functionality similar to the Pleco dictionary which allows for touch access to pronunciation and definition, or in this case the English version.
  • Hymns
    • Regular Hymn Book Completed
    • Children's Song Book Completed
    • Ability to view notation, not just lyrics (PDF version?)
    • Ability to add annotations, notes and cross-references to manuals, Conference talks and the Standard Works
    • Hymns in spanish
  • Manuals
    • Gospel Principles Completed
    • Primary Manuals Completed
    • Young Men/Women Manuals Completed
    • Duty to God Completed
    • For the Strength of Youth Completed
    • Teachings of the Prophets Completed
    • Church Handbook 1
    • Church Handbook 2 Completed
    • Preach My Gospel Completed
    • Jesus the Christ Completed
    • Spanish scriptures/manuals Completed
    • General Conference in other languages Completed
    • Church Magazines Completed
    • Seminary & Institute Manuals Completed
    • Come Follow Me lessons for YM/YW and Sunday School Completed
  • Video/Audio
    • General Conference Sessions in both Video/Audio Completed
    • Access to video/Audio contained in the Media Library
  • Other content
    • While we're dreaming, options to add any and all of the 4000+ works available in the DVD-based LDS Gospel Library[1] would be great! Not to mention all the new books constantly being published by Deseret Book and the Church on new topics! There are tons of books by current and former General Authorities that would be an amazingly valuable addition to this great library!
    • The ability to navigate the user's notes and journal items.
    • The ability to backup notes and highlights. Completed
    • The ability to add personal content such as Priesthood Line of Authority or Patriarchal Blessing.
    • Red letters of Christ for the Bible and Book of Mormon.
    • A quality lesson builder with the ability to create hyperlinks within the Gospel Library App and other websites.

Sync Wish List

  • Sync (bi-directional) between Android device and new[2] website Completed
    • Creation and publication of an open schema used for defining items to sync. Completed
  • Items to sync WITH LDS.ORG ACCOUNT
    • Bookmarks Completed
    • Notes Completed
    • Highlighting Completed
      • Color Completed
      • Type (underline or highlight) Completed
    • Tags Completed
    • Folders
    • Journal Completed
    • Notebooks on, Full Bi-Directional Access (this would be more than just a Sync feature--would require additional interface design)
      • Ability to turn highlighting in the scriptures on or off as SETS based on which Study Notebook you have open--allows for study by topic without seeing the highlighting from another notebook. As it is now, highlighting overlaps become very confusing and impossible to distinguish. Each study notebook could have a setting (Highlighting ON or OFF).
    • Duty to God entries synced back and forth with their correct counterparts on instead of in the Unassigned items area on

Navigation Wish List

Note: Some functionality in these lists reflect native functionality of iOS and will not be possible on the Android platform as described

  • Ability to have the text auto-scroll periodically when listening to the scripts in audio mode to prevent the need for the listener to constantly update the display to match the audio.
  • Have the ability to select a spinning dial to drill down to a collection, book, chapter, and verse, all from one screen.
    • EX: BoM,Jacob,Ch6,V4
    NOTE: This option should be accessible from anywhere in the application
  • Ability to insert hyperlinks in both content and notes.
  • Ability to share what you're reading (and have relevant link to content included)
  • List all the verse numbers at the beginning of the chapter for faster navigation
  • Have multiple scripture places open (tabs?) for going back and forth between books
    • Add an option to have the side-to-side swipe change tab instead of chapter. Hold in between tabs to show index of tabs w/ create new button.
  • Double-finger horizontal swipe to move between the navigation tabs (for multi-touch devices)
  • Different color of highlight for footnotes that link to JST
  • The ability to colorize footnotes (could set a color for JST, for example). For instance, in my hard copy scriptures, I like to circle the footnote superscript number in a certain color for JST, HEB, etc.
  • Underlined words for footnotes rather that superscript numbers
  • Touch and hold corners to bring up navigation scroll bars
    • Upper-right corner to bring up a verse scroll bar along the right side
    EX: Verses: 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5, etc. just the number of verses in the current chapter
    • Upper-left corner to bring up a chapter scroll bar along the left side
    EX: Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. just the number of chapters in the current book
    • Lower-left corner to bring up book scroll bar along the left side
    EX: Books: 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, Jacob ,Enos, etc. Books of the current collection
    • Lower-right corner to bring up collection scroll bar along the right side
    EX: Collections: BoM, D&C, PoGP, OT, NT, JST, etc.
    • (Display the selection in a box at the top of the screen as you scroll your finger along the scroll bar for a precise selection, release finger to select)
  • When following a reference link (such as 2 Nephi 2:25-27) from one window, it would be nice to have that section (verses 25-27) highlighted in the new window Completed
  • An option to sort entries in the study notebook in an order other than 'most recently added/altered', for example, scriptures in book, chapter, verse order, general conference talks and magazine articles in chronological order, etc.

Function Bar at the bottom of the screen (When Menu Button is pressed) wish list

  • Lookup icon with a dial to select by: collection, book, chapter and verse EX: BoM > Jacob > Ch3 > V6
  • Tools Icon (popup for marking, bookmarks, notes, preferences)
  • Ability to download all available content at once instead of having to click "download all" in each category (Very very tedious when trying to download all the magazines especially) Completed
  • Ability to refresh available content and automatically download all new content

Other items for the wish list

  • Support for Presto in media player to allow for variable playback speed using the free prestissimo library.
  • Ability to change text/background color
  • Ability to dynamically change font size
    • Pinch zoom for multitouch devices
    • ability to change language while on a certain scripture for comparison.
  • Option for audiobook mode (include the audio files already available for the scriptures)
  • "Rolling" bookmarks: Keep the spot where I am reading personally, with a companion, family, and other groups. Maybe even add some goals. Set a completion date with options like "end each day on closest verse" or "end each day on closest chapter". Once you reach the daily requirement for your goal it would pop up and say you completed your goal for the day. Or maybe set a certain amount of daily study time each day.
  • The ability to take notes within the app and have notes associated with a given verse or selection of verses. These notes would then be centralized in one location within the app and could be exported to a format readable/printable on any computer. The exported notes would have the associated book, chapter, verse, date the note was taken, etc. included.
  • The ability to copy all or portions of text to paste into other Apps (i.e. Mail). Completed
  • Archival of annotations and highlighting for different periods of life in layers that can be interchangeable. (i.e. as a seminary teacher, bishop, or a periodic recording study notes and highlights)
    • Could be addressed by syncing folders/tags with
  • The ability to turn on/off each different color of annotation separately.
  • Custom URL scheme handler so that other applications can link to a scripture or library reference.
  • Option to download full PDF versions of manuals (like Gospel Principles), magazines, and hymns.
  • Ability to apply multiple, user created tags to scriptures, ex. Atonement, Jesus Christ, Faith, etc... Completed
  • Ability to filter the list of scriptures based on one or more tags. Selecting multiple tags would show the subset of scriptures that contained both tags. ie Atonement & Faith would pull up all scriptures that have been tagged with both tags
  • Application and scriptures available in other languages Completed
  • The ability to highlight individual words Completed
  • Better management of data storage location on the device. Example: The Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S phones have internal SD cards, and removable, external SD cards. Present behavior is to force data to be stored on the external SD card if one is present, or internal SD if a card is not present.
    • BUG: User should be able to specify which location is desired for data storage. [refer note below]
    • BUG: If a storage location is full, download process should say "Device full" rather than just "a download error occurred."
    • BUG: Any insertion or removal of any card, whether it had data on it or not, causes ALL data, both internal and external, to be erased and the program to reinitialize. The program should remember which location is being used, and continue to use it, regardless of card insertion, removal, or switching.
    • Note (24 June 2017) following fresh install: Improved data management has been requested elsewhere, but declined by project management citing improvements in OS making the feature redundant; particularly referenced is improved ability to install an app then move the app and its data to a different location via iOS, Android and Windows Mobile app management features. This _does not_ solve the underlying problem re: user should be able to specify WHERE the app _and its data_ are located when there is a known space limitation. This mornings example: Lenovo tablet, 4gb internal plus 16gb internal plus 16gb external SD; app is installed to external SD (14gb available); download _content_ is by default to the internal (4gb, 238mb free) with no means to specify alternate location; error cannot download because of lack of space; no way to move content from internal to external because it cannot be downloaded to enable it to be moved. Result is an excellent app with no data rendering it unusable/useless for intended audience.
  • Ability to view the list of verses you have highlighted. Then click a scripture on the list to jump to that scripture. But instead of just a list of book names, chapters, and verses; also show part of the verse's text, and part of the note you have provided -- so you know why you highlighted each one without having to go to each one to see why.
  • Show footnotes in a companion window at the bottom of the screen rather than a popup window (making them true footnotes) for an example, look to the LDS Gospel Library App for iOS.
  • Additional colors for highlighting and underlining. The ability to choose our own colors (using RGB 0-255 or hexadecimal), people see colours differently (as well as spelling 'colour' differently!) some may have difficulty seeing the difference between the cyan and green or between the green and yellow. (This was vastly improved in a recent update, thank you.) It would be nice to at least have yellow, green, and blue underline to go with the yellow, green, and blue highlights (the pink highlight and red underline already go well together, enabling the emphasis of a word or phrase within a longer marked passage).
  • Have notes and hyperlinks directly embedded in the text under the verse they pertain to as in the iOS version.
  • Upon long pressing on a word have a pop up open giving options to look at entries for the word in the Topical Guide or Bible Dictionary. Also include a built in dictionary to look up the meanings of words similar to Gospelink 2001's use of the 1828 Webster's Dictionary.
  • For the Bible include the ability to see alternate translations upon long pressing a word or verse.
  • The ability to make annotations within bulleted lists, quotes, or non-paragraph text elements of lessons and manuals.
  • The ability to turn off highlighting (and turn it back on again).
  • The ability to highlight, annotate, tag, and link to/from chapter titles, chapter headings, journal entries, and bulleted or numbered paragraphs.
  • Ability to sort annotations, tags, etc by their location instead of chronologically. For example, a list of tagged scriptures could be displayed in the same order that those references would be in the Topical Guide.
  • Ability to auto-download new resources in particular categories. For instance, automatically download new issues of the Ensign when they are added.
  • Ability to pinch zoom on pictures.
  • Ability to send audio/video to a Chromecast.
  • Ability to go to complete full screen using the Android 4.4 Immersion Mode API.
  • Interactive games and puzzles for the friend magazine.
  • Ability to start playing and/or replay audio from a user specified point in text, such as at the beginning of a verse.
  • Option for hands-free audio book style playback, where you can just start playing audio in one chapter, and it will keep playing across multiple chapters and books (ie bridge between 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi)
  • Option to highlight the sentence/verse/paragraph being read. Would be especially help for second language readers, foreign language missionaries, returned missionaries trying to retain/regain fluency, and folks with language challenges/disabilities who get the most out of scripture study by both seeing and hearing the words.
  • Option to download and store all images for items and categories locally to remove the need for an internet connection to view the images. Example Book of Mormon stories for children or gospel art book.
  • Multitask support for Samsung devices (That allows you to have two things open at once on a tablet or phone that supports it)
  • Option to have 2-3 Scripture windows up at once on tablet devices. Example: you can view both Nephi Chapter 1 and D&C 89 simultaneously on the same screen.
  • Add some sort of "Playlist" functionality. For example, be able to create a playlist of 2 hymns, 3 chapters from the Book of Mormon, a conference talk, and another hymn, which could be played from start to finish while driving.
  • Option to use English Bible in languages that don't have Bible, to include it in the native language Scriptures list and have all the references to point in it.
  • Ability to use voice commands to scroll and navigate for hands-free operation, Example: facilitate reading scriptures or other content while using exercise machine where hands are needed or are not steady enough for accurate interaction with app using touch
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