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Getting started as a stake technology specialist provides some suggestions to help a new stake technology specialist get familiar with their new role.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the technology in your stake center:
    • Do you have a technology closet?
    • Where are your audio/video connections?
    • Do you have a satellite receiver?
    • Do you have Internet in the building? If so:
      • Where is the ISP modem and firewall?
      • What rooms have hard wired connections?
      • Do you have wireless access points set up?
  2. Familiarize yourself with the other buildings in your stake.
  3. Be familiar with all computer hardware in the stake, including a list of serial numbers.

Key contacts

  1. Get to know your Facilities Manager (in many stakes you will work through the physical facilities representative for your communication with the facilities manager).
  2. Find out how your stake presidency wants to make use of technology:
    • What are their feelings about the current technology usage?
    • How does your stake currently handle the technology needs for stake conference? Is this working well, or do you need to investigate new options?
    • How does your stake receive broadcasts, such as General Conference, CES Firesides, First Presidency Christmas Devotional, etc? Is this working well, or do you need to investigate other options?
    • Is your stake presidency concerned about travel within their stake? You may need to investigate some options for broadcasting conferences, or setting up video conferences for high council meetings or PPIs with bishops.
  3. For the ISP, what are the phone numbers for technical support? Do you have account numbers and any other identifying information needed for obtaining support?
  4. Know how to contact the Global Service Center.

Resources and training

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Family Safety Wiki – be prepared to assist members with questions regarding technology usage in their homes
  2. Obtain the needed access to the technology – keys to the buildings/rooms, passwords, etc.
  3. Watch the Meetinghouse technology training videos available on this wiki
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