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This page helps you get started with Personal Video Conferencing.

Crear una Cuenta

Para crear una cuenta PVC, vaya a PVC home page. Haga Click en "Request an Account" en la parte inferior de la pagina.

PVC request acct screen.jpg

En la siguiente pagina, ingrese sus credenciales de su LDS Account. Si no tiene una LDS Account, haga un click en "Register for an LDS Account."

Si tiene una posición autorizada de liderazgo o es un miembro de la fuerza laboral, va a ser autorizado automáticamente. Va a ver una pagina de Bienvenida, y luego regresara a las pagina inicial de PVC.

En este punto, ingrese nuevamente sus credenciales de LDS Account. La primera vez que inicie sesión, el sistema va a comenzar una pequeña descarga del Cliente de Escritorio de Vidyo. Siga las indicaciones durante el proceso de instalación. Ingrese sus credenciales una última vez, y ya esta listo para usar el sistema.

System requirements

For a complete listing, please see system requirements on the requirements page.

Equipment setup

Some key points about equipment setup:


  • Wired connection to the Internet is always preferred over wireless.
  • Make sure your PC is plugged into AC power when using PVC. CPU performance is usually lower when on battery, which will negatively affect PVC performance.


  • Built-in cameras on laptops will work okay. However, USB webcams (we prefer Logitech) give a much higher-quality picture, with better lighting auto-adjustments.


  • Using the built-in mic and the built-in speakers on a laptop is not recommended. Built-in mics are generally of poor quality, and using the mic and speakers together will create echo for everyone else on your PVC call.

Instead, the following audio devices or combinations are recommended:

  • USB headset
  • USB speakerphone
  • Microphone on a webcam plus earbuds

What is echo cancellation and why do I care?

This is a concept that is important to understand when making a call through your computer. Within PVC, you have the option to select what devices you will use for your microphone and also your speaker. Selecting the right devices will have a big effect on how well your audio sounds.

We've all experienced echo before. Perhaps you've heard it on a cell phone call, when you hear your own voice coming back to you. On a computer, if you select the built-in microphone and speakers, when someone else in your PVC meeting talks, their voice comes out of your speaker, gets picked up by your microphone, and gets sent right back to them. It makes for a very annoying call. Ironically, you will think everything is just fine because everyone else sounds okay to you, but you are the one creating the problem for the other participants!

There are three ways to solve this problem:

  1. Choose devices that won't allow your microphone to pick up the speaker audio. One example would be selecting the microphone on a webcam along with with earbuds plugged into the headphone jack on your computer. The mic is not able to pick up the speaker audio from the earbuds because it's isolated and not loud enough.
  2. Obtain a device that has echo cancellation technology built in. An example would be the ClearOne Chat 50 - even though the microphone and speaker are right next to each other on the device, it has the capability to prevent the audio from the far-side participant from being sent back to them.
  3. Use the echo cancellation technology built into PVC. To turn it on, go to Configuration (right-click on the Vidyo icon in your system tray or click the gear wheel within the video client during a call), click on Devices, and check the "Echo Cancellation" box.

Vidyo config echo.jpg


We have tested a variety of webcams and audio devices, and our favorites are shown below. There are many other devices that will work, but these are the ones that will generally deliver the best results.

Equipment brands

Camera Computer support Details
Built-in camera Laptops Convenient choice but low picture & lighting quality
Logitech C310 Windows Less-expensive 720p HD webcam with auto-adjusting lighting technology
Logitech C510 Windows Mid-range 720p HD webcam with auto-adjusting lighting technology
Logitech C910 Windows & Mac Excellent 1080p HD webcam with dual microphones & auto-adjusting lighting technology
Logitech B990 Windows Excellent 1080p webcam with on-board H.264 processor that handles video processing, which allows you to achieve 720p on a duo-core PC.

Audio Device Details
Built-in mic & speakers We do not recommend using built-in audio. If you simply have no other choice, at least be sure to check "Echo cancellation" in the PVC client under Configuration / Devices.
Logitech webcam mic + ear buds An inexpensive yet effective option. The Logitech webcams have very good microphones built in; combine that with earbuds from your music player plugged into the headphone jack on your PC.
Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset Less-expensive USB headset with boom microphone - good choice for single participant
ClearOne Chat 50 USB speakerphone with microphone & speaker, echo & noise cancellation - good choice for single participants or small groups
ClearOne Chat 150 USB speakerphone with 3 microphones & speaker, echo & noise cancellation - good choice for medium-sized groups
ClearOne ChatAttach 150 2 daisy-chained USB speakerphones with 3 microphones & speaker on each unit, echo & noise cancellation - good choice for larger groups

Places to purchase

The equipment listed above may be purchased anywhere you can find it. Church HQ does not fund the purchase of webcams and audio devices for ecclesiastical leaders' use. Determination of how to fund those purchases is left to the discretion of local units.

We have established a purchasing relationship with a reseller located in Salt Lake City. They offer a special discounted price for the Church on the ClearOne Chat USB speakerphones, which should be the best price you will find, and they can ship internationally. They can also provide Logitech equipment; however, you may easily find that equipment locally at similar price levels, so feel free to shop around.

Reseller for ClearOne Chat & Logitech products:

Kody Capps

Start a video conference

For information on how to use the software and begin video conferencing, see instructions on how to create a video conference and see instructional screencasts.

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