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There are several steps involved in bringing Internet access into a meetinghouse. This article should serve as a comprehensive listing of those steps.

Initial preparations

1. Determine that there is a need

2. Coordinate with the area office, facility manager, local leaders, and stake technology specialist

Understand the roles and responsibilities that are shared between the Facilities Manager and the Stake Technology Specialist.

3. Research Internet Service Provider (ISP) options

To get started with meetinghouse Internet connectivity, you need to decide on an Internet Service Provider (ISP or provider). Depending on where your meetinghouse is located, there may be several different providers to choose from. Find an ISP that will give you the up and download speeds and the service you need at a reasonable price. When calculating a reasonable price, make sure to factor in installation costs, length of contract, and promotions that often end after a few months. Make sure the provider knows that this is for an LDS church meetinghouse and see if they may be able to give you special pricing as a result. Wired providers that present Ethernet connections, such as Cable and DSL, are typically going to work best and be most compatible with the hardware that the Church provides. As such, when possible, these types of internet service should be chosen. When this isn't possible, satellite or wireless internet providers can be used.

If you need assistance in identifying and evaluating high-speed Internet options in your area, please contact your Facilities Manager.

4. Order Internet Service

Work with the facility manager to order Internet service

5. Order meetinghouse firewall

Work with your area office or facility manager to order the meetinghouse firewall. Order one meetinghouse firewall for each approved high-speed Internet connection.


1. Facilitate installation of Internet service by your ISP

When going through the installation process with the ISP, it is important to ask a number of questions to find out how the Church-managed firewall will eventually be configured with the ISP's modem/router. The following questions will help the Global Service Center agent determine how to configure the firewall: (These questions should be asked to the ISP's representative)

  • Will the ISP modem be able to connect to a third-party router without a problem?
  • Is there MAC address filtering with this service?

Answers to these questions can prevent having to wait for hours on hold with ISP's to fix problems that only they can fix.

2. Install meetinghouse firewall

Installation Guide: "Installing the Church-Managed Firewall"

3. Activate meetinghouse firewall

To activate a meetinghouse firewall, contact the Connectivity group at the Global Service Center.

4. Connect clients to meetinghouse firewall

Main article: Meetinghouse firewall
Main article: Meetinghouse networking

Connecting to the firewall is as simple as plugging the computers into the ports on the back of the firewall. If there are more computers than there are ports, a third-party switch and/or wireless access point can be purchased.

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