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The Brethren are very interested in understanding what people are learning from their talks. To that end, we have started a project that will track what is being said online about the talks during General Conference. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook pose an excellent venue to track and read those conversations. Our goal is to build a compelling visualization of all those conversations similar to what the Guardian made for the World Cup 2010 and Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes. To get us started, , the Guardian even wrote an article on how they built the World Cup site.


Provide a better reporting architecture that shares, in real time, what members and non-members are saying during the talks in conference.

  • Create a real-time, play-by-play summary of all the discussion happening on the web during General Conference
    • Separate discussions by talk
    • Perhaps view the discussion in an organized manner next to a video of each of the Brethren talking
    • Measure Facebook posts
    • Surface the more popular Tweets
  • Create a detailed visualization of the popular topics

The goal is to have the first version of our conference visualization up and running during General Conference, April 2011. Our 2011 LDSTech Conference, the two days before General Conference, will be our hack-a-thon to get this going.

This project could also lead to visualizing more about what people are saying about the Church outside of Conference as well. Create a statistics engine that tracks discussions around the web about the Church. Questions we should be able to answer include:

  • When a video or image or link is released by the Church, what types of conversations occur as a result?
  • What are people saying about the Church?
  • What questions are people asking about religion and Church-related topics?
  • What is the success of various Church Social Media Campaigns? (Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Youtube Accounts, deep website integration)

The more real-time we can make this data and the visualizations the better.

Do you have ideas that could expand our vision? What else could we do with this? We'd love to get everyone's thoughts and ideas as we brainstorm. The [Talk:General Conference stats|Talk page] is a great place to put those ideas.

Client side presentation/visualization

We want the visualization to be done client-side. We can use flash or HTML5. Though the Guardian used a flash based frontend, that would be awesome if we can do this in HTML5 and JavaScript.

The presentation layer needs to be separate from the backend mining, aggregation, and reporting, so that if we need/want to repurpose the data, we don't have to work around the visualization code.

Some questions:

  • What should this look like?
  • What kind of interaction do we want with our data?
  • How do we choose which session? speaker/talk? time during talk?
  • Color scheme?

Examples of great visualizations:

HTML5 Resources:

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