GWT Stack Integration Lab 2

Running GWT With the Stack in Developer Mode

  1. From the drop down menus, select Run | Run Configurations....
  2. Select Eclipse google web application.png from the list of options and then select the Eclipse new launch configuration.png icon to create a new launch configuration.
  3. Give your launch configuration a Name: of something like "StackGWT Development Mode".
  4. To the right of the Project: field select the Browse... button and select the "StackGWT-web" project.
  5. In some cases the Main class: field comes up empty. If that is the case for you enter "".
  6. Select the Server tab and uncheck Run built-in server.
  7. Select the GWT tab and in the URL: field enter "http://localhost:8080/StackGWT".
  8. Select the Run button.

Copy the GWT Development Mode URL into your browser.

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