Functional Testing with the Java Stack Test Runner

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Lab 1: A Simple QA Test Bundle Project


Training Lab 1 Video Recording



  1. Download the Java Stack Starter
  2. Launch the Java Stack Starter:
    • On Windows or Mac: Just double-click the downloaded artifact. If this doesn't work follow the instructions below for launching it from the console.
    • Other environments: From the console, navigate to the download folder and type: java -jar StackStarter.jar
  3. Choose a project type.
    • The Java Stack Starter currently provides three projects that include a test-bundle QA module and an ALM module.
      • QA Automation
      • Web Application
      • Web Service Provider
    • For the sake of this lab, we will choose "QA Automation"
  4. Enter the location where you want the project to be created, and click "Next"
  5. On the properties screen, leave all properties as they are and click "Next", then "Finish"
  6. Import the project into the IDE of your choice as an existing Maven project.
  7. Open the QA module and locate
    • pom.xml: the "test-bundle" packaging type
    • src/test/java: the functional test class(es)
  8. Open the ALM module and locate:
    • pom.xml: the "alm" packaging type
    • pom.xml: the stack-test-maven-plugin plugin execution
      • What goal is being executed?
      • What phase of the ALM life-cycle is the goal bound to?
      • What configuration is being passed?
      • What additional configuration is being used by the build profiles?
  9. Build and run the project using Maven with the following goals: install alm-promote
    • Observe the log for Test Runner output.
  10. When the ALM promotion is complete, "alm/target/testrunner-reports" folder.
    • Open "index.html" in your web browser to view the TestNG report.
    • Did any tests fail?

Lab 2: Demo: Running Functional Tests from AnthillPro

A demonstration of how to run functional tests from a build life in AnthillPro.


Training Lab 2 Video Recording


To complete this lab on your own, you will need:

  • Intranet access to the ICS AnthillPro build server
  • A project in AnthillPro
  • Rights to perform an ALM build promotion


  1. Log into the ICS AnthillPro build server.
  2. Log in with your LDS Account credentials.
  3. Open your project
    • Projects that you can see are organized by portfolio.
  4. Choose a build life to run functional tests against.
  5. Click "Run Secondary Process"
  6. From the "Workflow" drop-down, choose "ALM Promotion", and click "Next"
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Warning: take care not to make deployments to production or stage environments for this lab!
    • Choose a Test or Development environment.
    • Set "Skip TCat Deployment" to "true".
    • Optionally supply system environment variables: (e.g -DskipFTs=false)
    • Click "Run"
  8. Open the "ALM Promotion" workflow to find the "Maven Build Promotion" job.
    • Click on the console icon to the right to see the output of the Maven job.
    • Find the Test Runner output in the log.
  9. Click the "Tests" tab to view detailed test results in AnthillPro.
    • Test failures will be listed with any relevant stack trace information.

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