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Kira, very useful.

One of the guiding principles of the Rec Properties project must be the Advertising story 6: Protecting the Church's non-profit status. What this means for the Select Facilities page is that the price would NOT be shown for reservations, or for almost any other scenario, until an application to reserve is nearly final. In fact, I can imagine that price may not be "final" until after a manual review of an application.

Basically, prices should only appear after the applicant or user has been qualified in several ways, including LDS membership, YW leadership role, leadership position, member of "assigned unit" (ie, one of the Stakes or Wards that care for and are assigned to the camp), type of use being requested (YW camp vs reunion might have very different prices, for example), etc. jimj

Non-LDS users will need to be considered and would not meet the qualifications mentioned by Jim. What we have done in the Washington Properties is e-mailed them a Fee Schedule once a reservation request was made either by phone or the internet. For member groups we would need to make sure that money sent via the web is held up until the scheduler approves the purchase and the system doesn't automatically confirm a reservation and make the transaction.

I like the disable feature on the boxes to be controled by the scheduler and not the person making the reservation. We want to be sure that a group or individual cannot secure a facility via the web without permission granted from the camp scheduler. This will help control situations that would not be conducive to the group harmony (ie YW pre-camp outing reserving sites available in the middle of a Father/Son outing.

We should have a column for Day-Use reservations and not just "nights". We have lots of groups that use facilities (ie boats, athletic fields, swim areas, ball courts, ropes courses, archery ranges, pavilions, kitchens etc.)for a set number of hours during the day or only come up to a property during the day (ie cub scout day camp, achievement day girls and boys, ropes course training, ball games, families for the day, birthday parties, weddings etc.) allowing us to book other groups for the night. JonathanK.

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