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Updated file versions

The 2008 FHC Computer Policy replaces the 2005 version. It is not a new file. That is why I deleted FHC_Computer_Policy_and_Guidelines_00468_000_2008.pdf and instead put that file as a new version of this image. That is the better approach to updated versions of a file. It has these benefits:

  • The revision history of the file is in one place
  • Any links to the file from other pages do not have to be updated just because there is a new version
  • If you do want to examine links to the file in context, all those links are in one convenient place on the Image page.

I know it's not always easy to know if a file already exists on the wiki, but where you know that an older version is in place, uploading a new version on the existing image page is the preferred way. -- Aebrown 14:52, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

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