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Note: No beta testing of the Directory is currently taking place.

Directory beta testing provides an opportunity for members in the community to get involved in the Directory application on Anyone with any skill set is invited to participate. The only real requirement is a desire to help us improve, and a web browser with access to

Rights and roles

It is usually helpful if you hold a calling that gives you admin rights in Directory. In general, these usually include all bishopric and stake presidency members, executive secretaries, and clerks. In most cases, website administrators (both ward and stake level) have some form of administrative rights as well. See Roles and Responsibilities for details.

If you don't hold one of these callings, but have easy access to someone who does, you can also contribute with their help. Even without one of these callings, you can still let us know if you find any issues, but you may find you need things configured by an administrator before you can fully use the application.

An important note about application data

The beta version of Directory will be tied to a snapshot of the production Directory's data. This will enable you to work with familiar data for your unit without any concerns about modifying production data.

Test details

The Directory beta testing project will be managed through the Beta Directory forum on LDSTech.

More information about when Directory will be available for testing, where it will be located and what tests you can run will be forthcoming.

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