Destroying a Work Item Type

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This article provides helpful instructions on how to remove a Work Item Type (WIT) from the TFS Team Project.


The following command is used to destroy a WIT:

witadmin destroywitd /collection:CollectionURL /p:Project /n:TypeName [/noprompt]

For example, if you created a work item type called ExplodingFrog in the Dev TFS Collection's withSharePointNow_0 team project, added in a couple work items of that type in Visual Studio 2010, and then destroyed the WIT, you would use the following witadmin command:

witadmin destroywitd /collection: /p:withSharePointNow_0 /n:ExplodingFrog

Note: This will get rid of the work item type and all work items of that type.

Additional Resources

The following MSDN page is a good reference for using witadmin to do things like export, list definition, validate, import, destroy and rename WITs:

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