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Start a Meeting

You can start a meeting in one of the following ways:

Use the Dial Bar

Simply start typing the name of the person you're calling to find them in the directory, or enter their extension directly.

To dial a room system enter 'CR' to display a list of conference rooms (for workforce users)


Select the user or conference room from the list that you'd like to call to see their online status and your available options - Join Room or Call Direct. Click one of the choices to begin your call.


Note that when calling a conference room system, you may only choose Call Direct.


Use Your Meeting Room

When you log in to PVC, you'll notice that the 'My Room' entry is the first entry in your contact list. Select 'My Room' and click the 'Join Room' button. Learn more about PVC meeting rooms


Receive a Call

When another PVC user or a room system calls you, you'll be notified that you have an incoming call. Choosing to answer the call will launch the PVC client and place you in the call.


PVC Meeting Room

Your PVC meeting rooms give you the ability to involve up to 100 people in a conference, including guests that do not have a PVC account. While other PVC users can join your room by using the directory, guests will need to be invited by email with a link to your room.

To view or edit your room link, click Pvcsettings.png then click Pvcmyrmlink.png. Here you can remove, create or copy the link to your room. You can also set a PIN for privacy, requiring users wishing to join your room to enter the PIN.

Control Your Meeting

When using your PVC meeting room, you can control aspects of the meeting by clicking Pvccontrolmtg.png.

Pvcadd.pngAdd participant
Pvcconnectall.pngConnect all participants
Pvcdisconnectall.pngDisconnect all participants
Pvclock.pngLock room preventing any further participants to join
Pvcmuteall.pngMute all participants
Pvcunmuteall.pngUnmute all participants
Pvcremoveall.pngRemove all participants

Manage Contacts

PVC allows you to add users that you frequently call to your 'My Contacts' list for quick dialing. To add a contact, locate them in the directory and click the add contact button - Pvcaddcontact.png To remove a contact, highlight the contact and click the delete contact button - Pvcdelcontact.png

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