Contest Submission 2015

Submissions for the 2015 App and Game were due by midnight, September 18, 2015.

See the Contest FAQ page for more information.

Please note the following IMPORTANT information:

Contest Submission Instructions: General

  • Submissions begin . Early September
  • Platform. Some games and apps are being developed for multiple platforms (such as both Android and iOS). Judging will be primarily on a single platform which you designate to us.
  • Timing. Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm September 18, 2015. With the large number of submissions we expect, earlier submissions will be appreciated.
  • Use the App Store. We prefer that ALL submitted games and applications be provided through the appropriate App Store (Apple Store, Google Play, or Windows Store). This will allow us to provide LDSTech Conference attendees with access to the programs (in addition to the few “demo” machines we will have available at the Conference). If the app is a “paid” app, you will need to provide us some promo codes to download for free or send the app directly to us (see platform-specific instructions below).
  • Disqualification. For purposes of this Contest, we reserve the right to disqualify submissions that, in the sole opinion of the judges, are deemed too violent, are disrespectful, don’t meet Contest rules, or otherwise don’t represent well the values and standards of the Church.

Apple iOS

  • App Store. All games and apps must be submitted through the standard Apple iOS game and app submission process, which requires developer registration, providing the game or app to Apple for their validation, and listing on the Apple store/iTunes. That process can take several weeks, so plan accordingly as we can access the game or app only through the Apple store/iTunes.
  • Link. You will provide a link to your game/app in the Apple store/iTunes as part of the Contest submission process.
  • Paid apps. If the app or game is not free, promo codes will need to be provided. At least 15 promo codes needed for judging and for demoing at Conference. Promo codes are typically valid for ONLY 4 weeks, therefor do NOT obtain codes prior to 9/15 (judging begins on 9/21)
    • Process to get promo codes:
      • Go to iTunes connect
      • go to "manage your apps"
      • click on your app
      • click on the current version of your app
      • click on promo codes button (upper right). Note that we already have the latest “country-specific holder terms found in Schedule A2” that Apple asks you to include with the promo codes.

Android and Windows

  • App Store. Please make your app/game available through the Google Play Store or Windows Store (as appropriate) and provide a link to that location in the Contest submission process. However, if your game/app is not free, provide us the program directly (see below).
  • Paid Apps.
    • “Paid” games or apps smaller than 25 mb will need to be emailed as an Android APK or Windows EXE attachment to (Be sure to include your name and the app name in the email, so that we can connect it to your submission form.)
    • “Paid” games or apps 25 mb or larger will need to be placed on your own Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive account. You will provide us a download link to the location through the Submission process.

Web/browser based

  • Provide a URL to the game or app in the Submission process.
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