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Here are the 2015 Gospel App & Game Contest entries and all submissions which are available on public websites or App Store sites. These are live links. Many of these are excellent and well represent the contest theme of "Create Something Worthy". Contest winners were announced during the keynote address at the LDSTech Conference on October 15th. Categories include Primary, Youth, and Family. There were also special awards for First-Time Developer, Under 18 Developer, Over 65 Developer, and the People's Choice Award.

  • Note: These apps are not owned by, sponsored by, or affiliated with the Church. See the disclaimers associated with the apps.
  • Note: The Church makes no warranties of any kind with respect to these apps. As with any publicly available app, they may contain malware or other risks. Use at your own risk.


App Name & Link Contest Winners Phone? Tablet? Description
Article of Faith Quizzer (APK) Under 18 Developer Phone A game that tests how well you have memorized the Articles of Faith.
Book of Mormon Adventures: The Great War (APK) Phone Text based adventure in the Alma war chapters of the Book of Mormon.
Book of Mormon Paper Doll 2nd Place, Primary Tablet Book of Mormon Paper Doll brings your children's favorite scripture heroes to life. Dress dolls. Create scenes. Share with family and friends.
Church Words (APK) Phone A set of word games intended for children in sacrament meeting that helps them learn about the scriptures.  Multiple players, game statistics, and difficulty levels.
Gospel Game Kit (APK) Honorable Mention, Youth Both An exciting bundle of games for family home evenings, activities and classes. Includes catch phrase, charades and password with a variety of gospel topics.
Gospel In Sync Tablet Keep connected and participate in a gospel lesson without touching your device.
LDS Apostles Both Interactive visualization of the apostles from 1832 to the present.
LDS Game Bundle Storybook Both A 'storybook' app, view pictures of scenes from the scriptures.
LDS Game Bundle Vol 1 (remake) (APK) Both A remake of our first game bundle.  Uses a new engine (Unity) and enhanced functionality.
LDS Game Bundle Vol 2 (APK) Tablet Volume of a series of LDS-themed mini games.  A puzzle sliding activity, scripture mastery, hangman, and tic-tac-toe.
LDS Guess Phrase (APK) Both LDS Guess Phrase is played just like Catch Phrase, but with LDS phrases.
LDS Hive 2nd Place, Youth Phone LDS Hive is the first Social Community dedicated to LDS members! We're hoping to work with the LDS Tools API to allow Ward/Stake level features.
Little Family Tree 3rd Place, Primary Both Little Family Tree engages toddlers and pre-school children with their personal family history through photos, games, and activities designed for their level.
Medios SUD (LDS Media) Both Podcasts, videos, and an audio stream in Spanish. I believe this is the first Android app specifically for Spanish-speaking Latter-day Saints.
Mission at Time Over 65 Phone This is a game that teaches the Word of Wisdom, is a runner type game where the player must get the highest score while running for a few platforms.
Missionary Display (LDS) Honorable Mention, Family & 2nd Place People's Choice Tablet Organizes and creates a vibrant, interactive display to share missionary pictures, stories and experiences with members of your family, extended family, ward, stake and seminary.
Mormon Trail Both You must take the place of a Mormon Pioneer in the 1800's and fight off Bandits, hunt for food, and struggle to survive.
Prophetic Passages (APK) Honorable Mention, Family Both Prophetic Passages is a reference app containing a collection of famous quotes from modern-day prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Apple iOS

App Name & Link Contest Winners Phone? Tablet? Description
Fact Mountain - LDS Mission Preparation Both Are you prepared to serve a mission ? Check your basic gospel knowledge by climbing Fact Mountain!
Family Booklet Phone Add your genealogy data and this app will create a PDF booklet that you can share with your family.
LDS Daily Verse 3rd Place, Family & 1st Place People's Choice Both Be empowered every day with an inspiring scripture, thought-provoking quote, sacred hymn, and motivating video. Easily share with your friends and track favorites for later!
LDS Temple Tracker Phone The simplest way to track and remember your temple visits. Remember the temple, reason for the visit, and save notes for later.
Plan of Happiness Tablet Geared toward sowing a spiritual discussion or FHE, this game challenges up to six players to seek faith, repentance, and baptism while learning the scriptures.
Pondernaut Both Fun and interactive mnemonic- and keyword-oriented game app for memorizing and familiarizing users with Scripture Mastery Scriptures, Articles of Faith, and Latter-day Prophets.
Scout Champ 2nd Place, Family Both A native iOS scout progress tracking system. Unlike others, it can take the place of the paperwork that often hinders scouting's true aims.
Scripture Hero: Nephite Prophet Wall-Crossing Escape 3rd Place, Youth Both Help Nephi cross walls and get to know scriptures at the same time, in this game which is aimed at adding light to players' lives.
Spanish Teacher Phone A language app to improve vocabulary for members planning to serve a foreign mission
Spiritual Pathways 1st Place, Family & 1st Time Developer Phone Spiritual journaling app.  An app to help you become closer to Heavenly Father.  Track temple attendance.  Store church notes/ideas in one place.
Super Elder 1st Place, Primary Both Super Elder flies through the air collecting CTR coins to buy food for the bishop store house! Find special power ups like hot peppers to provide a energy boost or the Book of Mormon that gives you special protection. Just watch out for the bees!
Tap Counter Plus Phone Need to count attendance at church? This simple counter app has large tap targets so you can count inconspicuously and has no ads.
Tappy Count - tally with a tap Phone Keep a tally for a variety of events. Tap the main screen to increase the tally. Save the tally with a name, note, and date.


App Name & Link Contest Winners Phone? Tablet? Description
Ancestor Fast Photo Tablet Using data from, this speed game involves identifying pictures of your ancestors.
Ancestor Memory Game Tablet data is used to create a personalized memory card game from your ancestors' pictures.
Book of Mormon Adventures Tablet Collection of games with themes that are loosely based on Book of Mormon stories.
Boy Scout Advancement Plan Both Helps an 11 year old scout leader track boys' progress and plan activities up through first class rank.
Family History Investigators: The Puzzle Tablet A challenging puzzle to find Ancestors. You have to quickly match the falling photos with those on the board. Receive gits along the game.
Gliffer Tablet This is the new killer social network for those who like to share spiritual thoughts learned by daily study of the scriptures. It is a combination of blogging, journal, and *-pedia.
Gospel Study Tools Both Gospel Study Tools provide a simple interface for automatically tracking what and how often you study Gospel topics.
GrandMem Honorable Mention, Primary Both Grandmem is a father and son built memory matching game using ancestor pictures from
Latter-day Prophets Both Early alpha of a soon to be released children's game.
LDS Callings Tablet LDS Callings is a calling request tracking program to manage the process of requesting and approving Stake and Ward callings and Priesthood ordinations.
Life Journey Ancestor Game Tablet Using data, this game tests your knowledge of your ancestors as you guide a balloon through clouds with correct facts.
Mahonri Both Mahonri is a gospel knowledge builder using short quizzes, in both solo and social formats, to help people deepen their understanding of the scriptures. Both provides a convenient way to schedule missionaries in your home for dinner appointments right from a mobile device, computer or automatically generated paper calendar.
My Mission Fund Both My mission fund is a crowdfunding website designed to raise funds easily for a mission and getting friends and family involved.
Scrambled Tree Tablet The Scrambled Tree game allows you to become more familiar with your ancestry as you unscrambled them while being timed.
Scripture Lookup Tablet Scripture Lookup allows you to look up a scripture, translate a scripture reference, or generate links to the scriptures on and Gospel Library.
Sweep the Earth 1st Place, Youth Phone We help members of the Church become digital missionaries by providing a way for them to search for LDS photo quotes from one place.
TagJournal Tablet Keep your journal online and access it from just about anywhere.  Tag entries for easy searching. Report on your mood over time.
The Family History Guide 3rd Place, People's Choice Both The Family History Guide is a comprehensive website that introduces, trains, and directs those just getting started or who are already involved in the world of family history.


App Name & Link Contest Winners Phone? Tablet? Description
The Tower Tablet As your favorite character explore a procedural multifloored dungeon filled with various items and enemies. Your goal is to find out what the tower is about by exploring its rooms and answering its questions.
The Branch of Manasseh Tablet A civilization game based on the Book of Mormon.  The player will balance 4 types of resources in order to increase the righteousness of the Nephite population.
The Tree of Life Lost Tablet The game is inspired by Lehi's dream about the tree of life, combined into a maze game, by the search of the Tree of Life.
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