2014 Gospel App & Game Contest Web/Browser Entries

App Name Link Description Pref'd Device
Deseret Alphabet Translator Bad speller? You'd have thanked Brigham Young for the Deseret Alphabet. Transport yourself to 1850s Territorial Utah with this useless but fascinating translator! both
Fact Mountain -- LDS Missionary Preparation Quiz/study app in Foothills Education's Fact Mountain series, with basic gospel knowledge needed by full-time missionaries. LAPTOP/DESKTOP APP--NOT FOR PHONE/TABLET both
LDS Bingo Have your kids pay attention in sacrament by marking the picture when they hear it during sacrament meeting! both
LDS Meetings This is a web application that generates Meeting Agendas (Programs, Bulletins, Schedules, etc.). both
LDS Locations Locate historic church locations. (Might also be available for Apple iOS.) phone
Easy Autobiography Web site helping folks easily organize their life events, and to provide detailed stories about those important memories from their lives. tablet
Guess My Mission It's a facebook app allowing future missionaries to allow friends to vote where he or she will serve. Correct guesses are recognized. tablet
Hymnboard Hymnboard helps choristers (and families) plan, organize, and track hymns for church meetings and family home evenings. tablet
LDSConventions System LDSConventions is a free event management system that will help to manage event registrations for any auxiliary. tablet
Memory Fusion Social, real-time family history story collaboration. Write. Collaborate. Share. Discover. tablet is a free online scripture reading chart that allows you to track what you have read. tablet aims to increase temple attendance by facilitating the sharing of rides and babysitting (coming soon!) in your local wards and stakes. tablet
Teancum's Run The story of Teancum, how it should have ended. Continuous runner where you help Teancum escape from the Lamenites by Jumping, Running, and Sliding. tablet
Cricket Cruncher Answer questions from the scriptures and church history to help the seagull save the pioneer garden from the hungry Mormon crickets.
LDS Scriptures A convenient way to read the standard works and now more on desktops and laptops, including Windows, Macs, Linux, and Chromebooks, all offline.
ScriptUReLookup ScriptUReLookup is a Google Chrome extension that generates URLs to specific scripture references in the online scriptures and share those links via social media.
WordPress Ward WordPress Ward highlights Mormon Bloggers who publish on The goal is to establish a Mormon community online. We have virtual "Ward Socials Link-Ups", monthly "Blog Teaching" and "Sunday Talks" selected from blogs in the virtual ward.
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