New for 2014, the LDSTech-sponsored Gospel App & Game Development Contest culminates at the LDSTech Conference 2014.

LDSTech encourages developers of all levels and abilities to join in this contest to Create*Something*Worthy. From mazes to "where are we?" to "scripture golf", if you have an idea for a gospel or Church related software application, now is the time to make it happen!

Categories and awards

Apps and Games may be developed for Apple, Android, Windows, or online platforms in the following categories:
    • Primary
    • Youth
    • Family

Awards, prizes, and recognition will be offered for each category, plus additional awards for teen, senior, and first time creators. And of course, there's the personal satisfaction you'll receive from your accomplishment!

Starter ideas

Since the gospel is infinite, so are the possibilities for gospel-related applications and games. See the idea and wish list page for specific starter ideas (or to add ideas for apps you'd like to see).

  • Be creative!
  • Find ideas from existing popular apps and improve them -- "create something worthy".
  • What kinds of games and apps could help you, your children, your grandchildren, or others:
    • have gospel-oriented fun?
    • strengthen testimonies?
    • develop personally?
    • enjoy graphic-violence-free leisure and play time?
    • serve more effectively?
    • connect with gospel and Church themes rather than worldly themes?


  • Contest Updates. Please visit this page periodically for updates to Rules and Processes.
  • Register now to participate in the Contest. This early registration process will help us communicate important information to you, and assist in our resource planning. After September 1, there is no need to register; simply "submit" (below).
  • Submit your app between September 1 and October 10, 2014. Note, if you have not Registered by September 1, the Submission process captures the same needed information.
  • Copies of your app must be sufficiently available for judging and for demoing at the LDSTech Conference.
  • Availability. The App must not be commercially available prior to May 1, 2014, although it may be a “significant” upgrade to a version available prior to 5/1/2014.
  • Attendance. You are not required to attend the LDSTech Conference, but it would be great to do. You'll need to register to attend. Rooms will be available if you'd like to demonstrate your creation.


  • No Church membership data is allowed.
  • Appropriate Copyright and Licensing for Third Party Intellectual Property, including Church-owned or licensed property, is required.
  • Do not use music which has been licensed to the Church.
  • No malware or other inappropriate content is allowed.
  • You must adhere to the Rights and Use Information (Updated 2/21/2012).
  • You must adhere to the Privacy Policy (Updated 3/18/2014)
  • The creator of the application retains ownership and will not be asked to transfer ownership to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • The App must include a disclaimer of any ownership by or affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An approved disclaimer will soon be made available on this page.
  • You are not allowed to use the Church’s name or LDSTech to endorse your application.

Contact Information

Direct all questions to

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