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Church-managed computers can be used for a variety of things and experience a variety of issues. The stake technology specialist is responsible for setting up all Church-managed computers in the stake, providing first-level support on them, and ensuring that they continue to function properly.

Set-up, management, and use

It is important that Church-managed computers are set-up, managed, and used appropriately. They should always have Church-approved anti-malware and management software installed on them.


Member and Leader Services (MLS) software is installed on clerk computers for Church record-keeping purposes. It sometimes becomes necessary to do a clean MLS installation (like if you're setting up a new computer) or to repair other problems with MLS.

Other Possible uses Besides MLS

  • Creating a ward bulletin
  • Printing out CD/DVD labels
  • Working with mail merge documents
  • Printing mailing labels
  • Creating presentations for gospel-centered classes or youth groups (YM/YW/Scouts)
  • Sorting lists outside of MLS using the spreadsheet software
  • Tracking Boy Scout advancements (with an application like TroopMaster)
  • Creating administrative forms (e.g. reimbursement forms)


Each section contains suggestions, recommendations, hints, tips, and tricks.

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