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As the Church has become global, the need for accurate geographic information has increased within applications at the Church. Many vendors offer services that enable applications to provide real-time maps, images, and geographical data translations. There is an increasing need to standardize the source of this data. Under Finance and Records Department (FRD) initiative and direction, an enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Common Services Application Programming Interface (API) has been engineered as a real-time, authoritative source for GIS Mapping, Location, and Data Services.

Working with the GIS service requires VPN access to content behind the Church firewall, as some of the stored data is restricted. Use of this service is granted to applications that show a demonstrable need for it. If you believe your application needs to use the GIS service, please have your application manager contact the Services team.

How do I start?

First, Complete a GIS Common Services Application Service Request Form to receive an application name and token.

The GIS Common Services API allows you access to church specific data layers and services. In order to use the API, applications must authenticate through SOAP with an application name and token. The owner of the Application must first complete the GIS Common Services Application Service Request Form.

Once completed, send the form to the GroupWise distribution list “DL-ICS-GISReviewers.” Upon the completion of a review of the submitted form, an application name and token will be emailed to the requester.

Enterprise License

For GUI applications that utilize the Google Maps API, Microsoft Virtual Earth or Mapquest, Enterprise License agreements have been purchased and teams should utilize the provided licenses. This is an effort to centralize Church-wide usage of mapping technology solutions. To learn more about how to utilize the GIS API with other geographical information providers’ libraries see the code examples and documentation provided on their web sites directly: For example, the Google Maps API site (, or the Microsoft Virtual Earth SDK site (

Service Documentation

When your application has been approved for GIS service access, you will receive documentation on the service, service endpoints and documented methods with their parameters.

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