Church Privacy Overview (2012 LDSTech Conference)

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The Church is subject to regulations produced by many countries (notably, from the United States' FTC and the E.U.'s Data Privacy Directive). The E.U. and the U.S. have very different outlooks on data privacy: the U.S. has an "everything is available except identify-theft prone information" approach, while the E.U. has a "nothing is available except what the individual makes available" approach. Essentially, the U.S. has an opt-out view and the E.U. has an opt-in view. These differing approaches makes data privacy work difficult for the Church.

Although data privacy includes data security, privacy goes beyond that. It includes how data is collected and used and whether or not the individual approves of how the data is used.

The Church is different from other institutions in that we are not a business trying to sell a product.

A discussion about using contact information on Church resources to send information to members was held.

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