Church Historical Timeline requirements

Church Historical Timeline Index edit

Developer Setup

  1. stack - whether to put all the code in a framework or leave it stand-alone (the former is more powerful and flexible - the latter is lighter and easier to develop)

Product // Feature Backlog Items

  1. dynamic xml - determine method to generate xml files for the timeline... both statically and dynamically
  2. create database for storing event, timeline, user, and group information
  3. admin application for adding/updating/deleting events

Product // Feature Backlog Items Completed

  1. look & feel (change rudimentary view to meet church standards, use church stylesheets, etc.)

Timeline Features List

List of features the community would like to include in the core Timeline Application

  1. Highlighting - enter a keyword or phrase and highlight the events that have the keyword or phrase in the description
  2. Shortcuts - jump to a specific date or epoch
  3. Event counts - display the number of events for a given timeline band
  4. Top and Bottom Summary Bands that do not display event details and allow users to move quickly through the timeline
  5. Middle Detail Bands that display a summary window (when the event is clicked on) and allow users to move slowly through the timeline, seeing all the event titles
  6. Summary Window that displays a summary of event details (with images & links) and contains a "More Info..." link at the bottom that links to the wiki where the user can read a lot more information about the given event
  7. <REMOVED> Filter - enter a keyword or phrase to reduce the displayed list of events to those where the keyword or phrase is found in the description

Admin Application Features List

  • Create, Modify, Delete Timeline (removes all associated Events that are not associated with another Timeline - prompt user and list events that will be deleted if timeline is removed)
  • List all timelines that user can edit
  • All timelines have one or more owners (the user that created the timeline and/or delegates)
  • Create, Modify, Delete Event
  • Associate Event with a Timeline
  • Search for an Event and list Events
  • Associate a Timeline with a User (users are identified by LDS Account userid
  • Associate a Timeline with a Group (?)
  • Associate a User with a Group
  • Create, modify, delete Groups

Types of Timelines

List of ways the community can leverage the core Timeline Application for additional uses. This basically requires the generation of new and/or additional xml event files.

  1. Church History Timelines
  2. World History Timelines
  3. Personal Geneaology Timelines
  4. Family Genealogy Timelines
  5. Ward & Stake History Timelines
  6. Timeline Mashups (combining one or more timelines)


  1. Timeline Maps (follow the saints on their journey to SLC; see the spread of the church over time by mission and stake creation)
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