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Gospel Library for Windows

The LDS Gospel Library for Windows project is now working on version 4 designed for Windows 10. It is being developed by a group of volunteers from around the globe as a universal app. They work diligently during their personal time to bring the Gospel Library app to Windows users all over the world. Please pray for them.

Windows Store

Gospel Library for Windows is now available in the Windows Store for current tablet and phone versions of the operating system. It even runs well on PCs running 8.1 through 10.

Support forums

Community support is provided on the Windows Gospel Library and Windows Phone Gospel Library forums.

Gospel Library Update July 2016

As the Church's content team is updating all of the content for the Gospel Library to HTML 5 we decided to take the opportunity to rewrite our entire application from the ground up with Windows 10 in mind. We are also trying to converge a little with the other platforms to enhance the interchangeability for users with devices on more than one operating system. We are calling this version 4 and are targeting a beta release in August. There are a few features missing still but we are pretty excited about the user interface enhancements, speed and stability of our latest work.

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