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The BlackBerry JDE (Java Development Environment) is required for developing BlackBerry applications.

Installation and configuration

  1. Download and install the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
    • You are going to want version 3.4.2 32-bit available here
      • Do NOT use a 64-bit version of eclipse, it is not compatible with the JDE
      • The BB JDE (see below) plugin for Eclipse 3.5 does not yet include support for older BlackBerry platforms, so you'll need to use Eclipse releases from the 3.4 line for now.
  2. Download and install the BlackBerry JDE plugin for Eclipse - BB JDE plugin
  3. Install the BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 5 Component Pack:
    • North American Users can use the BB Update Site and upgrade through eclipse Installation Instructions
      • This will require a free Blackberry Developer Zone Account in order to install the component pack this way. Register Here
      • It kept erroring out on me but eventually went through I'm not sure what was going on with it.
        • 3rd or 4th try (or even more, sigh) is the charm.
    • Anyone else can download the update as a repository and install it through eclipse Download and Instructions
      • The instructions refer to the download as a zip file but it is actually a jar file
  4. Download an SVN client. I use subclipse, but feel free to use another if you're happy doing so.

Installation and usage notes

When you first install the Blackberry JDE and Component Pack (in Eclipse), create a basic BlackBerry project (i.e., HelloWorld) to get the BlackBerry menus to work correctly. From there you can hook up to a subversion repository (using subclipse) and everything should work as expected.

To set up the "HelloWorld" project, do the following:

  1. In the Package or Project Explorer, right-click and select New->Project (or New->Other)
  2. Expand the "Blackberry" node and select "BlackBerry Project"
  3. Give it a name and location and click "Finish"

With the "HelloWorld" project set up, you can now access the BlackBerry->Configure BlackBerry Workspace menu.

Now you can load the Gospel Library for BlackBerry project and run/debug it.

To import an existing project:

  1. From Eclipse, select File->Import, expand the BlackBerry item and select "Existing BlackBerry Projects Into Workspace," then browse to the directory that contains a *.jdp project file.
  2. After the project imports, right-click on it and select "Activate for BlackBerry"
  3. To build, use the Project->Build Active Blackberry Configuration
  4. Output files for BlackBerry are .cod files, which by default are stored in your Eclipse workspace tree (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\workspace).
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