Beyond MVP Lab 3

Use JUnit to test EditContactPresenter

  1. Checkout the following as a maven project (or switch to tag): (user/pass: training/training)
  2. You will
    1. Test that all contact fields are not empty before they are saved
    2. All this will be done in the contacts-web project

TDD: Test field validation rules

  1. Open
  2. Edit testSaveButton
  3. Set to an empty ContactDto
  4. Mock display methods getFirstName and getLastName to return HasValues that contain non-empty strings (Hint: use StringValue class for andReturn method)
  5. Mock display method getEmailAddress to return a HasValue that contains null (Hint: use StringValue class for andReturn method)
  6. Run as JUnit test: it should fail with an AssertionError: Unexpected method call send(...)
  7. Fix EditContactPresenter.doSave() to validate not empty values
  8. Rerun test, should succeed
  9. What could we assert at the end of testSaveButton?
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