BYU LDSTech Chapter

The BYU LDSTech Chapter meets on the BYU Provo campus to participate in LDSTech Service Days.


The BYU LDSTech Chapter had its first meeting in September 2011.

We will next meet on Friday Oct 7 in 340 CTB at 11 AM.

Vineyard at BYU

There is also a group on BYU campus that works on a variety of online LDS projects, including LDSTech projects. The group is organized through BYU Y-Serve and is called "Vineyard at BYU," after the church's "Helping in the Vineyard" website which had several online church projects (the Helping in the Vineyard site has since been replaced by, but the Vineyard group on campus retains the name). More information can be found here:

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