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Review Webcast Requirements and use it to conduct an assessment of the technology needs and gaps in the meetinghouses that will participate in your webcast. Based on what you learn from your local assessment, create a list of tools and equipment your stake will need to purchase. Some Meetinghouse Webcast tools and technologies are available through Distribution Services; others you will need to purchase from third party providers. You should use the mix of components that best fits your situation.

Ordering through Distribution Services

Stakes (districts) can order webcast equipment from the Church's online store (

You can find the webcast equipment on by following these steps:

  1. Log in using your LDS Account username and password.
  2. Locate the Administration Materials box, and click the Enter button.
  3. Navigate to Stake/Ward > Office and Building Supplies.
  4. Scroll down to the Electronic Equipment section.

If you have trouble ordering on, contact the Global Service Center at 1-800-537-5971.

NOTE: You will only be able to view the Meetinghouse Webcast items at if you are logged in with your LDS Account, and if you have a calling of stake or ward clerk or member of the stake presidency or bishopric.

List of Webcast products and components

Many of the items listed below are available through Distribution Services. You are not required to purchase your equipment through Distribution Services. Many items can also be purchased through local vendors or from online retail sites. Only three items are available exclusively through the Church: Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator, Meetinghouse Webcast Receiver, and Meetinghouse Webcast Software.

Also note that you likely will not need all the items listed below. Use Meetinghouse Webcast Requirements to help you assess your needs.

Sending and receiving devices

Image Title Availability Item # Est. Cost (USD) Description
Software Meetinghouse Webcast Software Download N/A Free Meetinghouse Webcast Software provides similar functionality to that of the Webcast Communicator but gives you the flexibility of leveraging hardware you have available in your local area. You need either the Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator or the Meetinghouse Webcast Software to send a webcast. More on webcast options.
Communicator Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator Available only through 8150952 $840 The Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator is a hardware device used for capturing and broadcasting a meetinghouse webcast. You need either the Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator or the Meetinghouse Webcast Software to send a webcast. More on webcast options.
Computer Computer Local vendor or online N/A Varies Webcasts can be viewed using a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7 and Microsoft Windows Media Player.


Image Title Availability Item # Est. Cost (USD) Description
No Image Sony EVI-D70, Local Vendor, or Online 08152000 $882 Multiple video cameras can be used for Meetinghouse Webcasts. The Sony EVI-D70 is one of them. This camera has several great features and a couple drawbacks including the lack of a built-in viewfinder and a more expensive price than a standard video camera. Please see More on Video & Cameras before making a camera purchase. Provided it meets these camera requirements, an existing camera can also be used for your Meetinghouse Webcasts.
No Image Sony
DCR-HC52, Local Vendor, or Online 08368000 $270 Multiple video cameras can be used for Meetinghouse Webcasts. Please see More on Video & Cameras before making a camera purchase. Provided it meets these camera requirements, an existing camera can also be used for your Meetinghouse Webcasts.
Tripod Tripod, Local Vendor, or Online 8153000 $75 This tripod can raise the camera to more than 72 inches (6 feet) high. Tripod leg configuration is tall enough to straddle most church benches (pews). Tripod supports standard video cameras.
Osprey 230 or 260e Osprey 230 or Osprey 260e Local Vendor or Online Osprey230 or 260e $475 Video & audio streaming capture card for desktop PCs. Provides composite video and S-Video inputs, and XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced audio inputs. The 260e is a PCIe card, which is most common for desktop PCs (check the specifications for your PC). The 230 is a PCI-X card; again, check your PC's specs. The Osprey cards are the top recommended choice for capturing video and audio for Meetinghouse Webcast Software.

Note: As reported here, please ensure that you order the correct card to match your PC's PCI slots (PCI-XTM vs. PCI-E slot). They are not interchangeable.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (USB) Local Vendor or Online 242500 $60 Video streaming USB capture device for composite and S-Video sources. Ideal for laptop computers. NOTE: USB capture devices are sometimes difficult to configure and have not proven to be the most reliable solution. Where possible, a desktop PC with the Osprey 230 or 260e video & audio capture card is the top recommended solution for use with Meetinghouse Webcast Software.

Of the two USB capture solutions (Roxio & Diamond), the Roxio has generally been the most reliable.

Please refer to the Testing and Troubleshooting page or the LDS Tech Forums for additional information.
Projector Projector Through local Facilities Manager N/A $300-800 For displaying webcasts to congregations.


Image Title Availability Item # Est. Cost (USD) Description
Microphone Microphone Through local Facilities Manager 8156953 $50 Professional quality microphone that includes a 15-foot XLR-XLR cable, mic clip, and zipper pouch. This is the same microphone that is provided in the Meetinghouse Webcast Audio Kit. This does not include the other items in that kit.
Phantom Webcast Microphone Phantom Power Supply and Mini-Amp, Local Vendor, or Online 8156956 $75 While meetinghouse webcasts can leverage the existing audio system in your meetinghouse, meetinghouse audio systems vary and some systems may have limitations. One audio option provided in the Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator Guide explains how to connect the microphone directly into the Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator (bypassing the building audio system). With this option, the microphone needs a phantom power and mini-amp device to effectively capture the audio. This phantom power and mini-amp includes a 6-foot cable for connecting the phantom power and mini-amp to the Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator. This Phantom Power Supply and Mini-Amp has a power source that only accepts 120V 60 HZ AC power; it is not recommended for use outside the US and Canada.
No Image Mackie 402-VLZ3 Local Vendor or Online 402-VLZ3 $130 4-channel Compact Analog Mixer with 2 XDR2 Mic Inputs, 4 Line Inputs, and 2-band Active EQ. This audio mixer has been successfully used for multiple Meetinghouse Webcasts. It is available in most countries world-wide through Mackie website and Mackie distributors.
No Image M-Audio Audio Buddy Local Vendor or Online N/A $120 Dual-channel Microphone Preamp and Direct Box with Phantom Power
No Image Swissonic MP101 Local Vendor or Online MP101 $100 One-channel Preamp with Phantom Power. This audio mixer has been purchased and successfully used for webcasts in Europe.
No Image Mini 1/8 to XLR Female Cable Adapter, Local Vendor, or Online 8156958 $15 Mini 1/8 to XLR female cable adapter to connect the audio system to the audio input on Webcast Communicator. This adapter is included in the Meetinghouse Webcast Audio Kit. This adapter can be used to with other items in the kit to provide audio for your webcast (see Meetinghouse Webcast Guide for details).
No Image 150-foot Microphone Cable, Local Vendor, or Online 8156957 $65 This is the same audio (XLR format) cable that is included in the Meetinghouse Technology Webcast Audio Kit.


Image Title Availability Item # Est. Cost (USD) Description
MH internet.png Meetinghouse Firewall Through local Facilities Manager 09419000 No charge for local units The Meetinghouse Firewall (or Church-managed Firewall) is required for all broadband Internet connections in Church facilities. This device will provide Internet filtering services and Internet intrusion security for Church computers. This firewall comes complete with all necessary parts and installation instructions. Please order one device for each meetinghouse with broadband Internet.
CAT6 150-foot CAT6 Internet/Network Data Cable, Local Vendor, or Online 8156959 $50 This standard category 6 (cat 6) cable can be run between your meetinghouse’s internet connection and either the Meetinghouse Webcast Communicator or the Meetinghouse Webcast Receiver (up to 150 feet).
Tape Gaffer Tape, Local Vendor, or Online 8156955 $25 This special tape allows you to cover cables and keep them in place, particularly in high traffic areas. Gaffer tape is a specialized tape used by AV professionals. It is NOT the same thing as duct tape. Gaffer tape should not be used on wood or painted surfaces. Roll is 3 inches wide by 180 feet (55 meters) long.
Case US Electric 25-foot Power Cord, Local Vendor, or Online 8156000 $35 This is heavy gauge 25-foot long extension cord with three plugs (US plug format).
Case Ruggedized Carrying Case, Local Vendor, or Online 8154000 $300 A case will protect your webcast equipment from water and dust. The selected case should fit all Meetinghouse Webcast components. (2'x 3' preferred)
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