Availability of Meetinghouse Internet products and components

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The Presiding Bishopric Office has authorized the use of high-speed Internet in meetinghouses around the world under the direction of area offices, facility management groups, and local ecclesiastical leaders.

Product availability

The new Cisco 881W meetinghouse firewall can be purchased by facilities management groups via LDS eMarket. See Ordering the firewall for details. Some other key components for meetinghouse Internet can also be ordered in the same way. To get started with the Internet implementation, see the steps on the Get started with Meetinghouse Internet page.

Obstacles to implementation

Although meetinghouse Internet is authorized and available, the following obstacles may slow its implementation in your stake:

  • Lack of ISPs. In some areas of the world, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may not be available. If that's the case, you won't be able to implement meetinghouse Internet. See Find an ISP for details.
  • Excessive costs. If the price for installation and monthly service is unreasonable in your area, Internet service may not be available. Your area office determines what is reasonable cost for Internet service and installation. See Find an ISP for details.
  • Low bandwidth. If the download and upload speeds (the bandwidth) are too low in your area to be useful, implementing meetinghouse Internet may not be worthwhile. Faster speeds are especially important for webcasting and videoconferencing. See Estimate speed and bandwidth for details.
  • Lack of expertise. If you don't have a stake technology specialist with technical expertise, meetinghouse Internet may not be a solution you can support. See Support for details.
  • Firewalls on backorder. Due to demand, the firewalls may be on backorder. If so, estimate a longer shipping date, such as two additional weeks or more. See Ordering the firewall for details.
  • Stake president's rejection. Although meetinghouse Internet is authorized for Churchwide implementation, if your stake president restricts Internet in your stake, the service is not available. See Responsibilities for details.
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