August Newsletter Webcast Communicator Warranty

If your unit is not functioning properly and is still in warranty, please contact the Global Service Center (GSC) at 801-240-4357 or at to begin the warranty replacement process.

If your unit is failing but is out of warranty, you have two choices:

  1. Purchase a new Communicator – available for $840 USD at, item number 8150952. You will only be able to view and purchase the item after logging in with your LDS Account and if your calling is one authorized to purchase the Communicator.
  2. Use the Meetinghouse Webcast Software on a PC (download here). While some users have had success using the software on a laptop with a USB video and audio capture device, this has not proven to be the most reliable solution. A more reliable solution is to use a desktop PC with an Osprey capture card (learn more).
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