Apps ideas

Here are some starter ideas for creating gospel-related apps, games, or other software. Please add to this list!

These ideas could be used with the Gospel App & Game Contest.

Rules Reminder

Recall from the rules: Appropriate Copyright and Licensing for Third Party Intellectual Property, including Church-owned or licensed property, is required.

You need written permission or legal clearance to use material you did not create yourself. This includes Church sources. While a "Name That Temple" app or "Fill in the Children's Songbook" app could contain great ideas, you still need permission from the copyright holders to use the images, recordings, and text. See the Contest FAQ page for more information.

Just because content is available on the Church web site does not mean you have rights to use it for your app.

Finding or Providing Help

If you'd like help in development or in finding artwork for your own ideas or any on this page, or if you'd like to offer help (developers and artists/illustrators needed!), check these pages:

  • The LDSTech Forum Contest page. This is intended to be a resource for sharing information and contacts.
  • The Contest FAQ page. It answers many questions and provides some direction to consider. It also provides some guidance on what topics and images are appropriate for this Contest.

General Ideas

  • a website or blogspot that would categorize, list, and describe all LDS-related apps and games and provide links to them.
  • an app that helps you with home teaching and visiting teaching either allowing you to update on who you saw or just an app that gives you the first presidency message automatically.
  • an app to build Ward Bulletins - configure the app for your unit, then enter the date, presiding person, names of speakers, hymn numbers (it would auto-lookup the hymn name), prayers, etc. Keep track of which members have accepted the request to speak or pray. Add announcements (and specify when they expire). Provide a way for unit members to submit new announcements and an approval mechanism to get them on the program/bulletin. Select gospel art for the bulletin cover.


  • apps and games which start with SOUND OFF, and then ask if you'd like to turn sound on.
  • App that creates "Church mode" to manage sound and other features of any apps used, or to restrict some apps/features.
  • coloring, matching, mazes
  • baptism preparation
  • read-aloud and read-along stories
  • engaging & simple games like those on, but gospel related
  • Articles of Faith app: fill in the blanks, choose from missing words, hints & reminder words, other options
  • See the shadows, then match which objects cast the shadow. (Temple's shadow, Church building, House, Flower, Mommy and Daddy, etc.)
  • Guess the song from a picture (Hand: I Have Two Little Hands; Missionary: I Hope They Call Me On a Mission; Temple: I Love To See the Temple)
  • Visually teach songs: Remember learning songs in primary when the chorister taught you the words by holding up pictures? Create a catalog of pictures/photos to use to create the words of a song.
  • Match silhouettes with full color pictures.
  • Put the pictures in proper sequence. Display random pictures that you put in sequence.
    • Birth ... walking ... tie your shoe ... school ... Baptism ... driving ... Temple ...
  • Nursery type app with cars, food toys, animals, and maybe dinos too, kinda like toys in nursery closet to move around and play with ... and put away (!) at the end or the app won't close; for little ones the toys need to be colorful (useful for church 'quiet zone' and other times)
  • flannel board picture app that Primary Teachers could use while telling children stories. By touching the screen they could save Daniel from the Lions Den, Jesus could descend among the Nephites, the Seagulls could save the Pioneers crops, and so forth.

Youth (or anyone)

  • location based ("foursquare"), connecting
  • strategy, civilization building. Earn points to do things by meeting goals, learning scriptures, etc.
  • Pioneer Journey gathering items while learning historical facts, preparation for building the Kingdom ie, settling areas for other pioneers, starting communities, farming, building temples to challenge and teach. given choices to see if what they chose will help or hinder progress along the way, using history there could be hints as learning advances through study of real historical events or trial if tried without using historical events.
  • scripture mastery, scripture golf
  • temple identification
  • General Authority identification
  • Mission preparation: Timeline, countdown, financial savings log, recipes.
  • Plan of Salvation puzzle. Scripture references for puzzle pieces, Simple puzzles with basic overview. More advance levels with more detail.
  • A "scripture chase" with the seminary scripture mastery scriptures. Maybe play with friends or alone and time yourself
  • A shoot-em-up-style game with water guns and balloons and cool effects when you're hit (vaporizing, turning into a potted flower, turning into a pool of water, etc.) This genre of games is SO popular, but there are no benign versions out there. The gameplay is what's important, not the gore.
  • A scavenger hunt race game with opportunities along the way to make choice to help characters you meet in the game (your score would include points for helping others), like picking up the spilled shopping cart items, helping the old lady across the street.
  • Race your car to pickup kids, adults, and even missionaries in your car and get them to their church activities safely... avoiding hazards and shady characters as you build up points.
  • Via personality clues, see how fast you can identify Old Testament, New Testament, BofM, DnC personalities and characters (Ruth, Ester, Sariah, as well as Mary and Martha, Judas, Peter, Paul, Helaman, Moroni, Daniel, Joshua, Ramses [Pharoah] etc.) like a quiz show, the more points you get the better and the most points are for the first clue, then they decrease in worth.

Family (or anyone)

  • An app that syncs a personalized a list of our current Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching assigned families as a modification to the LDS Tools app or as an independent app. This would allow the EQ and RS to more easily distribute lists and changes and help the teachers to have the info they need for making visits. It could also be set up to have a visit report feature, for reporting back to the District Leaders following a visit.
  • LDS Trivia and learning game modeled after the old LDS trivia game "Seek"
  • vacation LDS sites (it notifies you when you're traveling near a site with LDS significance and provides info about that site). Maybe you could select from categories on which to be notified. Users could add their own sites, info, pics, ratings.
  • word-based games, crosswords
  • Some interactive jeopardy game where you play against others. Topics can vary such as Book of Mormon heroes, women of the Bible etc.
  • food storage app to show location, expiration date, cost, etc.
  • self improvement
  • missionary opportunities, gospel sharing
  • service opportunities & encouragement
  • gospel goals with personal point tracking
  • jigsaw puzzle game gospel related photos
  • A quest game where you travel around locations as bible characters and complete tasks and quests based on the actual events (like Nephi getting the plates of brass or building the boat and sailing to the promised land).
  • App that lets me choose a Gospel topic or person then email me daily some short (random) scripture or talk on that topic.
  • A game similar to The Oregon Trail, but with Mormon Pioneers and all the various ways that were used to get to Utah: wagon, handcart, ship, etc.. Also, make it more historically accurate and include stories and events from historical accounts and journals. Have the option to start out from Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, England, New York or California.
  • A series of quest games on PC (or some console).
    • Topic of first game could be “Book of Mormon”. Game can be played alone or with a friend. First you choose from a couple of Book of Mormon characters you play with. You travel through Book of Mormon scenes and complete tasks (e.g. in Lehi’s dream you help people find their way from the mist of darkness to the tree of life; another scene could be e.g. helping brother of Jared to have light in their vessels). After completing a task you get Book of Mormon money. With that money you can go to a store e.g in Bountiful to buy more equipment. And when you progress in the game you get more characters to choose from or you can buy new characters.
    • There could easy, moderate and difficult level. On easy level the game would give more hints for completing a task and on difficult level you should complete the tasks more on your own. In the tasks you should go and look around to find some things that you need to complete the task. In that quest you could get acquainted with different places in the Book of Mormon lands and also meet some bad guys who you would conquer with the Word of God (or with some power like Ammon). Final goal could be that the player helps to save the plates that cumulate through the years up until Moroni buries them and finally gives them to Joseph Smith.
    • The other games in that series could go through the other scriptures in the same way.
  • A Final Fantasy style game, where you play out a pre-conceived story (with boundaries for the different story characters) and walk, solve, adventure your way through chapters or stories from the Book of Mormon.
    • Because it is an LDS app we wouldn't need to include blood or gore, even with many of the stories form the book of Mormon not actually G rated, and still we all know the stories and how much interest into the Book of Mormon w/could be generated from offering an end user the ability to play the story?
    • Nephi and his brothers need to return for the plates, Nephi’s character is set to be letter of the law and a bit hesitant to kill a drunken Laban, yet he’s also true and faithful to the promptings of the Spirit in being directed toward and obtaining the plates … even after the Laman character tries to get the plates and they flee to be stopped from beating on their younger brothers….
    • I don’t have the knowledge or the ability to create this game, but it’s been an idea I’ve had for almost a year now. Please solve a way, with permission from The Brethren, to develop such an idea and have created an interactive walking through of The Book of Mormon 😃
  • a match 3 game using gospel related objects such as liahona, armor of God, brass plates, seer stones, scriptures, temples, sacrament trays, etc.
  • something like The Bible Game with an LDS theme
  • an LDS-themed (covering all standard works) version of The American Bible Challenge - you can download it on Android to check it out here
  • An app that helps you download and organize the audio scriptures, lessons, magazine articles, etc. (from which you will listen to during the coming week. Unlike a standard music player which only has one set of play, pause, forward, and backward buttons - this audio player could have several sets of buttons. For instance one for the Sunday School lesson, one for the priesthood/Relief Society lesson, one for Ensign articles, one for the scriptures. It would need to have good bookmarking capabilities. This would make it easy, for example, to listen to your Sunday school lesson for 15 minutes, then bookmark it - and scroll down to the priesthood lesson and listen for 15 minutes.
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