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Gospel Library is the gospel study app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Click the links below to get instructions specific to your device.

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Mobile Gospel Library Project Index edit

Gospel Library for Android is an app for any device running the Android OS. The app has access to the official text of the Latter-day Saint gospel library, including the scriptures, conference talks, and the curriculum texts. Herein, Gospel Library for Android will be shown as GLA but may also be shown as LDSSA because of its former name, LDS Scriptures for Android. This document is written in present tense regardless of whether what is being described is currently implemented or not. Summary Video


Gospel Library for Android is a well maintained app project undergoing current development including bug fixes and new features. The app currently synchronizes some annotations with the Notes and Journal web application.

Production releases

The current version is 3.0.3, released May 2014.

Users should normally obtain GLA as a production release from one of the app markets below. Use the QR code shown on the right for the Google play app market download. You may also search for the phrase gospel library in any of the markets.

Store links:

Android market

You can also download the APK for the current release directly:

  • Version 3.0.3 - supports Android 2.3.3 and up (Updated: This link takes you to a 'sign the ICLA Page' but there is no visible accept button so it is impossible to download prior versions)

Older production releases are still available for download:

To install a previous version of GLA you will need to uninstall any existing versions on your device. Check your Notes and Journal account to ensure your data is safe before an uninstall. You take responsibility for your data. The development team offers no support for older production releases.

To install an older versions of GLA:

  1. On your device, enable unknown sources. Navigate from Home Screen to Menu > Settings > Applications, and check Unknown sources. This allows non-market applications to be installed on your device.
  2. Download the older version of the application that you want to use listed above.
  3. Install the Android package you just downloaded by going to the Downloads page in your device’s browser, and selecting the Android package file you just downloaded. (To see the Downloads page, press the menu button within the browser app and then choose Downloads, which may be under More.)
  4. If the file downloads with a .zip extension, you will need to rename .zip to .apk for the app to install.


Visit Gospel Library support - Android for help with issues and a FAQ sheet.

If you have installed a pre-release developer's version of Gospel Library for Android on your device, you will need to uninstall the pre-release version before you can install the released version from the Market. From your home screen, choose menu | Settings | Applications | Manage applications. Then select the Gospel Library application and choose Uninstall. You should now be able to install the Market version.


Community developer contributions to the project are not supported at this time, but this may change in the near future. Visit LDS Mobile Android - Developer Setup for information on how to setup a development environment.

Please note that LDSTech projects are not to be considered "open source" projects, and they are not released under an open source license. The Church retains all intellectual property rights, including copyrights and the right to make derivative works.

While the code base is publicly available to project members, this is so project members can contribute to the code. All code or other contributions to the project by community members are licensed to the Church based on the Individual Contributor’s License Agreement that all community members must agree to before they can join a project.

See also:

Application Features

Instructional Videos

Some video tutorials have been made for version 2.3. These are available on YouTube.

Library contents

  • Scriptures and Study Helps
  • General Conference
  • Music (Hymms, Children's Songbook)
  • Manuals (Teachings of Presidents. Preach My Gospel, etc)
  • Magazines (Ensign, Liahona, New Era, Friend)
  • Videos, Audio recordings, Gospel Art images
  • ... and much more


GLA supports searching any or all of the downloaded books in the library. Search results are categorized by book in folders that match the Library structure. Within each book the citations are ordered as they appear sequentially in that book, and are shown as snippets with search terms highlighted.

Notes and highlights

GLA allows annotation via long-press (tap and hold) anywhere in the content text. Supported annotations currently include highlights, notes, tags, and links. These annotations can be backed up and synced across multiple devices and/or platforms using the user's LDS Account.


Users can also create and update personal bookmarks to individual pages and/or paragraphs/verses. These bookmarks are also synced with the user's LDS Account.


Development Lead: Mike Jones -

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