Ancestor Story Chain

Project description

The Family and Church History Departments are conducting photo and document tagging pilots in various communities (for example, Snowflake, Arizona; Family Organizations; and Census Records) to help tag historical images.

WordPress will be the software platform used for the pilot efforts. Advanced WordPress coders are needed to co-develop a plugin (or enhance an existing one) that has various tagging features.

Plugin requirements

The WordPress plugin needs to have the following features:

  • Tag people in photos: Community users can click on faces (or other objects) in photos and type in names and other information.
  • Tag location in photo: Community users can type in a location field. Location is tied to a map (geotagging).
  • Identify the date of photo: Community users can add the date (or the approximate date) of the photo.
  • Identify the event in photo: Community users can associate an event tag with the image. Users would be able to create or use existing tags.
  • Post links: Community users can post and associate links to a photo.
  • Post story: Community users can draft a story and associate it with a photo. The editing tool would have basic text formatting options (for example, bold, italic, underline, styles, font size, bullets, indentation).
  • Search FamilySearch API: Identify persons in FamilySearch FamilyTree that match with those with photo tags.
  • Source Posting: Post to FamilySearch the source descriptions and references that match the citations.

Getting involved

To get involved in the project, join the Ancestor Story Chain (WordPress) project by doing the following:

  1. Go to and sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. Click Projects.
  3. If you haven't already completed the Profile subtab, complete it now. This subtab prompts you to agree to the individual contributor's license agreement, which is necessary before working on a community project.
  4. Click the Ancestor Story Chain (WordPress) project.
  5. Scroll down and click Join Project.

After you join the project, project leaders will be notified that you joined.


For questions and other information, contact Gordon Clarke at

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