Africa West area implementation plan (Meetinghouse Internet)

The Africa West area implementation plan (Meetinghouse Internet) for Meetinghouse Internet is outlined here. This page should include instructions specific to this area that the Stake Technology Specialist needs to know. Specific details regarding volume discounts, specific price deals reached with vendors, etc should not be shared here - but rather this page should direct the Stake Technology Specialist where to go to find information on those details for this area.

Standard Internet Access Locations in AWA Meetinghouses

  1. Each Clerk’s Office (stake/district/ward/branch)
  2. Stake/District President Office
  3. High Council Room
  4. Family History Center
  5. Employment Resource Center (ERC)
  6. Cultural Hall (at least 1)
  7. Chapel (At least 1 by podium)
  8. Seminary and Institute (S&I) Office
  9. Facility Management (FM) Office
  10. Relief Society Room

Meetinghouse Upgrades Needed for Internet Project

  1. Distribution of Internet connection to all Standard Internet Access Locations
  2. UPS for each computer
  3. Strong or secure room(s) for computers

Meeting House Internet Distribution Options

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Costly to install when building is finished
  • Fixed locations, hard to add new locations
  • Easy to setup
  • Use existing power in building
  • Low draw on electricity
  • Flexible to easily add building locations
  • Not commonly available in local stores
    • Long lead time for delivery
  • Each module cost GHC 125-200
  • Modules may be vandalized, stolen, broken
  • No wires needed for pc
  • High flexibility for locations
    • Available in entire building
  • Can be unreliable
    • Varying of signal strength
  • Potential security threat, bandwidth abuse
  • Concrete walls require many access points (and thus wires) to cover needed areas.
  • Could be expensive to purchase and support if many access points needed
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