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Clerk Resources on LDS.org is the next step in the development of local unit record keeping software for the Church. Clerk Resources will eventually replace the Member and Leader Services (MLS) software for most units. Over the next few years, functions now available in MLS will be added to Clerk Resources which will allow leaders and clerks to do some of their work from computers with Internet access, not just on a computer in the clerk's office. Additional functions not available in MLS will also be added to Clerk Resources.


Membership functions

Currently, only membership-related functions are available in Clerk Resources.

Leaders and clerks must log into LDS.org using their LDS Account to access available functions on Leader and Clerk Resources.

The following functions are now available on Clerk Resources. See the Access Table to see which leaders and clerks can view, print, or access specific information on the Clerk Resources site.

Clerk Resources menus

Links across the top of the Clerk Resources window open a drop-down list of other links, reports, lists, and actions that are currently available.

Clerk Resources Main Menu 1 8.png

The following table lists the links available under each menu item. Click on one of the links to see instructions and other information.





  Single Adults



Links to menu selections

Resources menu

Membership menu

Organizations menu

Reports menu

Other menu

Membership policies and information

Below are links to membership records policies and other information. Some of the instructions explain how membership information can be updated in MLS, but also includes policy statements. Click a link to see the information.

Confidentiality of member information

Membership records

Membership clerk

Membership records audit

Moving membership records

Membership records policies


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