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PNA (Personal Name Authority)

Contains a personal or family name used as the main entry for a collection.

Tag examples

100a   Tuttle, Albert Theodore
   d   1919-1986

100a   Savage, Charles Roscoe
   d   1832-1909 

100a   Wilson family (This type of authority should only 
       be used when no other information can be 
       determined about a family)

The following are examples of the different kinds of dates used on personal names:

100a   Smith, John           Living person 
   d   1924-

100a   Smith, John           Both years known
   d   1837-1896

100a   Smith, John           Probable year of birth 
   d   1837?-1896

100a   Smith, John           Year of birth uncertain by 
                             several years 
   d   ca. 1837-1896

100a   Smith, John           Approximate year of death 
   d   1837 ca. 1896

100a   Smith, John           Both years approximate 
   d   ca. 1837-ca. 1896

100a   Smith, John           Year of death unknown, 
                             person is probably not 
   d   b. 1825

100a   Smith, John           Year of birth unknown 
   d   d. 1859

100a   Smith, John           Neither birth or death 
                             known, but the person 
                             is known to have been 
                             alive (flourished) during 
                             this date.  
    d   fl. 1845


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