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WordPress Developer Needed for Group Photo Tagging Plugin Print E-mail
Written by Gordon Clarke   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Family and Church History Departments are conducting photo and document tagging pilots in various communities (for example, Snowflake, Arizona; Family Organizations; and Census Records) to help tag historical images.

WordPress will be the software platform used for the pilot efforts. Advanced WordPress coders are needed to co-develop a plugin (or enhance an existing one) that has the following features:

  • Tag people in photos: Community users can click on faces (or other objects) in photos and type in names and other information.
  • Tag location in photo: Community users can type in a location field. Location is tied to a map (geotagging).
  • Identify the date of photo: Community users can add the date (or the approximate date) of the photo.
  • Identify the event in photo: Community users can associate an event tag with the image. Users would be able to create or use existing tags.
  • Post links: Community users can post and associate links to a photo.
  • Post story: Community users can draft a story and associate it with a photo. The editing tool would have basic text formatting options (for example, bold, italic, underline, styles, font size, bullets, indentation).
  • Search FamilySearch API: Identify persons in FamilySearch FamilyTree that match with those with photo tags.
  • Source Posting: Post to FamilySearch the source descriptions and references that match the citations.

Getting Involved

To get involved in the project, join the Ancestor Story Chain (WordPress) project by doing the following:

  1. On LDSTech, sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. Click Projects.
  3. If you haven't already completed the Profile subtab, complete it now. This subtab prompts you to agree to the Individual Contributor's License agreement, which is necessary before working on a community project.
  4. Click the Ancestor Story Chain (WordPress) project.
  5. Scroll down and click Join Project.

After you join the project, project leaders will be notified that you joined.

For questions and other information, contact Gordon Clarke at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

CDIR Upgrade Print E-mail
Written by Tim 金龙Λ̊™ Riker   
Thursday, 18 October 2012
CDIR, the LDAP interface used on and is being upgraded to a new schema. Development sites will be effected. Production sites on should not be effected.
New Book of Mormon App Available to Share with Friends Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Friday, 19 October 2012

The Book of Mormon app that was previously only available as a Windows app is now officially available on Android, Apple, Windows, Nokia Symbian, Nokia Series 40, and Java Phones (J2ME).

According to Church News and Events, "the purpose of the new Book of Mormon app is primarily to make the text and audio recordings of the Book of Mormon accessible to those of other faiths." As such, "the app is simply a digital version of the print Book of Mormon, but without footnotes or cross-references."

The app allows you to download the Book of Mormon in 32 languages. If you want to listen to the narration, you can choose audio in five main languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. The app can also be viewed on both mobile devices and tablets.

See "Church Members Are Invited to Share New Book of Mormon App with Friends" for more information.

The following screenshots show the Android version of the Book of Mormon app.

screenshots from the Book of Mormon

To download the app, search for "Book of Mormon" in your device's application store, or go directly to the Book of Mormon app page in iTunes or Google Play. Look for this app icon:

For more information, see previous articles on the topic:

LDS Tools 2.1.1 for iOS Released to App Store Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Saturday, 20 October 2012
LDS Tools for iOS

LDS Tools 2.1.1 for iOS was released to the app store today.

Version 2.1.1 includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Added support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Improved data (including calendar) download process
  • Added support for German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages
  • Added additional reports for leaders and clerks including Members With/Without Callings, Members Moved In, Temple Recommend Status, and Unit Statistics
  • Improved photo download and delete process (thumbnails are now "lazy loaded," which should create a better user experience)
  • Improved maps functionality (to accommodate the changes in iOS 6)
  • Added a new option to provide feedback
  • Updated the email address for support
  • Resolved several issues including crash on startup for some users

We will have another release in the coming weeks which will include adding support for the remaining Internet 9 languages.

LDSTech Broadcast: The Gospel Topics Explorer Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Monday, 29 October 2012

The next LDSTech broadcast, scheduled for Friday, November 2 at 12:00pm MDT, will focus on the Gospel Topics Explorer.

The Church publishes topic-based content in a multitude of locations and formats, but these topics generally stand alone, creating duplication and impeding gospel study.

The Gospel Topics Explorer is a prototype application that consolidates a variety of topic-based content published by the Church. This content can be searched using regular keywords or navigated graphically. The relationships between topics can also be explored to deepen the study experience.

Gospel Topics Explorer

The Gospel Topics Explorer is designed to address the gaps in gospel topics and form a foundation for future gospel study tools that will help users guide their personal study, prepare talks and lessons, and fulfill callings.

The broadcast on Friday will provide an overview and demonstration of the Gospel Topics Explorer prototype, with opportunities for questions and answers. You can attend the broadcast either online or in person at the Riverton Office Building. Stewart Shelline, a solutions manager in ICS, will give the broadcast.

How to Attend

To attend the LDSTech broadcast, go to the LDSTech Broadcast page during the time of the broadcast and click the Watch Now button. If you live or work near Riverton, Utah, you can also come to the Riverton Office Building (ground floor, Zion room) to watch the broadcast in person.

Each broadcast is recorded, so if you miss one, you can re-watch the recording at any time. In fact, if you arrive late to the broadcast, you can rewind the broadcast and play it from the beginning.

Asking Questions

During the broadcast, remote viewers can ask questions through Twitter. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you can sign up for one at When you ask a question, include the hashtag #ldstech in your tweet. For more information, see Twitter and LDSTech.

Recordings of LDSTech Broadcasts Available Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Friday, 26 October 2012

If you missed one of the previous LDSTech Broadcasts, you can view recordings of the sessions on the LDSTech Broadcasts page.

LDSTech Broadcasts

The following 2012 broadcasts are available:

You can also access recordings from 2011.

Usually about 400 to 500 people watch the live broadcast. About the same number watch the recording later. Altogether, that's about 1,000 people per broadcast.

This year was the first time we made the LDSTech broadcasts a regular monthly feature. In looking at the topics, you can see we have alternated with the meetinghouse technology group.

We would like to hear your feedback about the broadcasts. Is this a feature you enjoy? Are there topics you want to see? Does the format work for you?

Help Shape the Technology Future of Family History at RootsTech 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Amy Smith   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012

You’re invited to attend the 3rd annual RootsTech—Family History and Technology conference on March 21-23, 2013, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Building on the success and growth of previous years, RootsTech 2013 is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet!


Register for RootsTech

About RootsTech

Hosted by FamilySearch, RootsTech offers an opportunity for technology developers to discover the latest family history tools and techniques, connect and collaborate with end users, and help shape the future of technology within the family history industry.

RootsTech 2013 offers a new Developer Day—a collaborative environment where developers can discover available resources and industry trends within the family history industry—all consolidated into a single, impactful day. » Learn more.

Also new in 2013 is a full track of Getting Started classes and labs where those new to family history can learn where to start, how to build their family tree, and how to use technology to explore family connections. » Learn more.

Registration for RootsTech

Take advantage of early bird pricing to attend the full conference. Or register for the Developer Day on Friday, March 22 and get full access to keynote and developer sessions as well as the expo hall.


Full Three-Day Pass

Access to everything RootsTech has to offer.

One-Day Only Pass

Full admission for just one day.

Student Three-Day Pass

Student ID required.


NEW! Getting Started Full Pass

Beginner track with access to over 20 classes.
$39 (early bird)

Getting Started One-Day Only Pass
A selection of fundamental classes to help you get  


Developer Day Pass (March 22)  

A full-day technology program just for developers.


» Register for RootsTech.

RootsTech has something for everyone, whether you are an avid genealogist, just getting started, or simply want to discover the latest technologies and solutions to better connect with your family. At RootsTech, come prepared to experience world-class content from speakers all over the country, an exciting exhibitor hall, and great keynote speakers.

To learn more about RootsTech, see
MLS 3.5 Release Update Print E-mail
Written by Justin Krebs   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The MLS 3.5 release has now been staged to all units in all areas of the world with the exception of Central America, North America Central, North America Northeast, North America Northwest, North America Southeast, North America Southwest, and North America West.

MLS 3.5 will be staged to these remaining areas over the next few weeks, starting with the North America Southwest and North America West areas on Tuesday, November 6th.

In addition, a final build of MLS 3.5 is scheduled to be staged to all units running MLS 3.5 on Friday, November 2nd. To verify which build of MLS you are on, you can click the Help on the MLS menu bar and then click About.

The build number is the number after the version. In this example, the build number is 21021.

Priesthood leaders and clerks in units that haven’t yet upgraded can visit for more information on preparing for the upgrade. If units experience any problems with this new version, they can provide feedback by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In the e-mail subject line type: MLS 3.5 feedback. In the e-mail message, give specific details about the issues.

For more details about what's included in MLS 3.5, see the "Review the release notes for MLS 3.5" section at

About LDSTech Print E-mail
Written by Emily Fairchild   
Wednesday, 05 June 2013

"Today the information highway, with all of its means of communication, affords an opportunity for us to carry the mission with a thousandfold greater speed and ease than Peter, James, and John and the other intrepid disciples." —President James E. Faust, Ensign, May 1999, 18-19

Welcome to the official technology website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are excited to share with you information and resources to learn more about how the Church is using technology to carry the gospel message to all the world.

The mission of LDSTech is to enable Church members to donate their time and talents to the building of the kingdom, to facilitate ICS (Information and Communications Services Department) in magnifying its efforts through community engagement, and to enable portfolios to reach their goals in hastening the work.

LDSTech knows that the best ideas are powered by discussion, and discussions don’t happen without a community. LDSTech is all about community involvement. It takes a village to develop, test, and publish each technology used in the Church, so we need your involvement!

This site provides opportunities for those who want to help with technological developments and includes information for those who want to know more about how to use them.

Learn how to contribute your time and talents on the Contribute page. [Change title from “Contribute” to “Join the Community” ?]

The Wiki page will connect you with a multitude of projects where you can volunteer your talents. Watch this broadcast video where engineer Tim Riker gives an introduction presentation on how to sign up for projects and get started as a volunteer.

The Forum page is where anyone can ask and answer questions addressed to the entire LDSTech community. While making relevant comments on blog posts is appropriate, you are encouraged to search the Forum page where your question might already be answered, and if it isn't, the Forum is the environment with the widest reach to find people who have answers.

Search past forum topics to see for yourself the camaraderie and culture of the LDSTech community and the developments being made day by day. The various topics encourage community discussion, support, help, and feedback about technology and how it helps us serve in the Church. Come join in for a chat!

Once signed up for projects, users can manage issues and project progress on the LDSTech Jira page. Review this Wiki page to learn more about JIRA.

The Projects page lists all the available projects underway that you can browse through and join. Be sure to sign up as an LDSTech community member to join projects!

You can also learn about how to become a Church-service missionary. The Church-service missionaries who work with LDSTech make up an irreplaceable force for good. Their contributions and accomplishments are invaluable.

Our purpose is to communicate to the public how technology is being used at the Church and all the behind-the-scenes efforts of so many selfless volunteers help us to achieve that purpose.

Other helpful links:

Stay current using our RSS feed and by following LDSTech on Facebook and Twitter.

LDSTech Church-service Missionary Profile: Sister Vicki Haws Print E-mail
Written by Rachel Brutsch   
Tuesday, 11 June 2013

vicki haws church-service missionary

When Sister Vicki Haws’s grandson turned 16, she found herself out of a job. Though retired, she was used to acting as a chauffeur and nurse to her two grandchildren while her daughter worked.

But now that her grandson could drive himself around, Sister Haws’ services were no longer necessary.

“I was sitting at my computer, indexing, and started to cry and thought I needed something to do to make life meaningful for me. So I got online and looked at the Church-service missionary opportunities,” Sister Haws said.

At first, she couldn’t find anything that fit what she wanted to do.

“I wanted to do something outside of the home. I just kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper, and I ran into an organization called LDSTech and had no idea what it was,” she said.

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