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Written by Curtis Palmer   
Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Curtis PalmerNot long ago, my wife received a new calling as the ward photographer. Her task, like many of her predecessors in wards around the world, was to create a ward photo directory for the bishopric to use. The bishopric was new, and learning names as well as faces was important.

My wife (and later a second ward photographer) spent hours corralling ward members after church or at ward functions to take family pictures. This was followed by cropping, editing, and creating a document with ward family names and contact information. Finally, printed photos were placed into the pages of the newly created binder with tabs. By the time they finished, there were already move-ins and move-outs to contend with.

The New Ward Directory

This tedious process of creating a photo directory has recently changed. The development teams of the Church and the LDSTech community have added the ability to create and print an up-to-date ward photo directory in minutes, not weeks or months!

To create a ward photo directory:

  1. Go to and sign in with your LDS Account.
  2. Click the Tools menu, and then click Directory.
  3. Click Photos in the left column.
  4. Click Print in the upper right area of the window. You will be prompted with a Print Preview Directory that shows you a sample entry of your print settings.
  5. Select from a set of informational items to include or exclude details, page settings, font size, the number of columns, even margins for three-hole punch. You may spend more time considering the options than it takes to create the directory
  6. Print Options

  7. Click Open PDF and voila! Your new ward photo directory appears.

Imagine the Uses

Now because it’s a PDF file, you can choose to print a dozen copies, or if you are environmentally savvy, you can send it out via e-mail attachment to your counterparts in ward leadership or auxiliary organizations. Imagine sitting in PEC meeting and -- while taking notes on your iPad -- you flip to your ward photo directory and show the high priest group leader what Brother and Sister Jones look like so he can recognize them in the hallway as they pass. And just like that, gone are the days of manually creating a ward photo directory.

Privacy Cautions

Whenever you’re working with member photos, note a few privacy cautions:

  • Ward directories are intended for Church use only.
  • Members may elect to keep their information, including a household photo, private and invisible to the general ward membership.
  • Uploaded household photos must be approved by an administrator prior to being available in the directory.

If you’re located in the European Union, Mexico, Australia, or other countries with strict data privacy laws, members should upload their own photos to their profiles instead of relying on a ward photographer or a clerk to upload it. This ensures voluntary consent from the member for displaying his or her photo in the directory.

If members don’t have access to the Internet, or lack the technical skills to upload their own photos, administrators can assist in uploading the photo. However, make sure you have informed, voluntary consent prior to doing so.

For more information on uploading a household picture to your profile, see Editing Your Profile.

Curtis is a Management Analyst for the state of Nevada and a member of the Clear Creek Ward, Carson City Nevada Stake.



# Paul Ernest Huber 2012-05-21 12:22
I am a Branch Clerk in south jordan and have been involved in getting photos on to i haven't had any trouble until about two weeks ago. now when i click on "upload now" a blank white screen comes up and never gives me the window it used to. What do i do now? Thanks, Paul Huber, Legacy Retirement Branch, South Jordan River Ridge Stake.
# Ericdrichards 2012-09-24 15:16
If I understand correctly, Ward Website Administrators can upload pics for people, correct? If so, is there a page explaining how to do that? I cannot see how to do that. :(

Thank you!

# Neil Leavitt 2014-06-29 08:56
Quoting Ericdrichards:
If I understand correctly, Ward Website Administrators can upload pics for people, correct? If so, is there a page explaining how to do that? I cannot see how to do that. :(

Thank you!


here is where they explain how to approve photos. Just upload them here then approve:
# David O. 2013-03-10 03:45
We have many singles who's images appear in the individuals place holder for their image but nothing is in the household image placeholder. When I view their record in LDS Tools the image regardless of its placement (individual vs household) appears. But when I try to print out a photo directory from only the images in the household placeholder appear. How is the best way to get an image in the individual placeholder to appear in the photo directory? One would think, just upload it to the household spot. But when an image is taken with an iphone etc using lds tools it automatically places it in the individual placeholder and the image is not automatically saved on the device for a later upload.
# Brad K. 2013-05-06 22:27
When populating a household with photos, the site provides the opportunity to upload both a household photo and individual photos. However, when using the Print function, it seems that only the household portrait is able to be displayed. It would be nice to be able to display individual photos. Group photos are not as useful for identifying individuals. Faces typically end up too small to recognize with any reliability.
# Greg Davies 2013-05-19 12:25
Yes the online directory on is very nice. One thing that I would love to see would be a way to print it the way most picture directories that I have seen are formated: from top left to bottom right in a 3 or 4 colum row like you read a book then go to the next row down and to the right, etc. Right now you can only print it in columns so you have to go from top to bottom then up to the next column. I have never seen a picture directory formatted that way so it is very awkward for me as that is the only option. Also there is not a way to have multiple phone numbers (in a world where there are very few land lines, just cell phones for both spouses) But it is a nice improvement over the old way. But unfortunately we have so few in our "senior" ward that go online, we still have to print a directory and the format doesn't work for our needs. Oh well :P
# Neil Leavitt 2014-06-29 09:01
Ive found that using square photos works best, because the site wont reshape/stretch the photo, thus avoiding heads getting cut off or 10 lbs being added in certain views.

As an administrator You can u0load all photos or just download and crop each photo then reupload and they look great.

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