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How can I find my unit number without going to the meetinghouse?


Visit the Emergency Communications page on for information.You can retrieve your unit number by logging into your local unit Web site. For instance, the following URL is for a fictitious unit. The red portion is the unit number.,9781,600-1-7-999999,00.html

999999 is the theoretical unit number.



# Edwin Muir 2014-12-14 08:51
Hi, it may be that our computer settings are different, but this answer does not apply. The website address which comes up is something completely different. I am amazed at how hard it is to find the unit number in MLS or on Can anyone suggest an alternative source?
# Tim 金龙Λ̊™ Riker 2014-12-16 11:03
If you are in leadership your ward/stake unit numbers are visible on the Leader and Clerk Resources page:

Anyone with an LDSAccount can visit after logging in the policy-ldsunits: value should show your ward and stake or branch and district etc.
# Bryce Gordon Maybee 2015-01-24 04:08
Go to At the top, select "RESOURCES" and the sub topic "LOCATIONS and SCHEDULES" Then click "FIND A MEETINGHOUSE." It will pull up a map. Type in your address and it will show you the name of your ward and the unit number right next to it.
# Garrett Michael Pace 2015-12-16 22:24
Login to, then go to Leader and Clerk Resources. Your Ward and Stake unit numbers should be visible to the right side of the screen, just below the menu bar

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