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Written by Daniel Skidmore   
Thursday, 08 December 2011

Dec 11 Note: The site is temporarily offline while several critical features are added. is a new Church website that provides information about the 150+ Church recreational properties dedicated for use by youth and families of the Church. The site was developed by volunteers and employees in the LDSTech community working on the Recreational Properties project.

LDS Recreational Properties

What are Recreational Properties?

Recreational properties are camp facilities developed for use by youth and families of the Church. For example, these recreational properties provide a location for holding Young Women camp programs. They also provide a setting where youth and families can enjoy outdoor experiences together.

How can I view the properties?

To browse the full list of properties, click the "Find a property" search field and press Enter. You can view search results in three different formats:

  • Gallery view: Shows a thumbnail of the property, its location, and rating. (This is the default view.)
  • List view: Shows properties in a list view (with no images). More results appear per page in this view.
  • Map view: Shows properties by location on a map. You can zoom in using the slider or your mouse's scroll wheel to view a specific area. Click the camping icon  to see details about the property. 


In the Gallery and List views, you can also click the Sort Order button in the upper-right corner to sort the results alphabetically by name or location.


If you know the name of a specific site, you can search using the full or partial property name. For example, searching for "zar" returns several camps with the name Zarahemla.

You can also search using the city (for example, Heber) or state abbreviation (for example, UT). (Note: "UT" returns results while "Utah" does not.)

What property information is available?

Each recreational property site has a photo, short description, rating, and the property manager's contact information. To get more information about the property, or to schedule it, contact the property manager.

Sample LDS Recreational Property

The star rating  is based on the following criteria:

0 stars: Little or no improvements.

1 star: Outhouses or vault toilets; may, or may not, have drinkable water on site.

2 stars: Drinkable water on site and vault toilets or outhouses. Likely has picnic tables and fire pits.

3 stars: Two stars, plus other permanent facilities such as a dining pavilion, cleared sports field, dock with boats, ropes course, or amphitheater.

4 stars: Three stars, plus permanent sleeping structures such as yurts, teepees, warm water shower facilities, and flush toilets with running water in bathrooms.

5 stars: Four stars, plus indoor cooking, eating, and sleeping capacity in a heated lodge or cabin.

Upcoming Release

An upcoming release will allow property managers to sign in and update any of the web page content by clicking the pencil icons  that appear on the screen near the various images, descriptions, and content as shown in the image below. 

In-context-editing view of Recreational Properties

The gear icon  in the upper-left corner will allow property managers to make their property active once all content has been updated.


Future Plans

This is only the first phase of  Future releases will include the following enhancements:

  • All Church recreational properties will be listed. (Currently only about two thirds of the properties have been added to the site.)
  • You will see available dates to schedule the recreation sites.
  • You will be able to make payments through the site. Units will be able to transfer funds from Church unit accounts to pay for Church-sponsored activities.
  • Individual campsite information will include more details about camp site’s facilities, activities, location, and directions.

If you would like to get involved in developing, testing, or enhancing, click Projects on the top navigation bar of LDSTech. Sign in with your LDS Account. Then browse and join the Recreational Properties project.



# TD 2011-12-08 14:52
# When is this live? 2011-12-10 22:10
I go to and I get the welcome to CPAS (Child Protection Act System) Log in. I tried logging in with my LDSA credentials a few times before I realized it was for CPAS.
Am I missing something?
# Chris Keck Ellsworth 2011-12-12 11:22
Yes I have the same problem, I would submit feedback via the "feedback" feature.
# Tom Johnson 2011-12-12 11:23
I added a note to the post. Apparently there are some properties that are listed that shouldn't be, so the site is temporarily down. It should be back up soon. Sorry about that.
# Chris Keck Ellsworth 2011-12-12 11:31
Ah ok, too bad they did not put up a more effective splash page tell us it was down for maintenance.

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