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Hong Kong and US Youth Groups Interact via Personal Video Conferencing Software Twitter Facebook PDF Print E-mail
Written by Danielle Brown   
Thursday, 16 February 2012

In June 2011, the Church released Personal Video Conferencing (PVC), a software-based service that allows Church leaders to perform face-to-face meetings without the extensive cost of travel.  To date, over 2,000 leaders have signed up and used the service. Although it has been primarily used for Stake Presidency and High Council meetings, additional innovative uses for this service have also been explored.

When Jo DaRosa ran into his old college friend Richard Cheung while on business in Hong Kong, they discussed the possibility of bringing together the youth from their respective congregations using Video Conferencing. With DaRosa’s congregation located in the West Columbia South Carolina stake and Cheung’s congregation being from the Hong Kong Sham Shui Po ward, PVC would allow them to connect for free using a reliable, secure service.

After obtaining the necessary authorization from their stake leaders, DaRosa and Cheung gathered the young men and women in their respective meetinghouses. Over thirty youth attended the one hour video conference. The youth were able to share an invaluable learning experience as they told stories and laughed at translation errors.

By answering each other’s questions, the youth were able to discover the consistencies in the Church between the two different countries.  They were also able to discuss the unique challenges and blessings that come from being one of the few members of the Church in their school.

A youth from South Carolina explained, “I think it was quite interesting to learn about different cultures and to contact them and to see others of the same religion on the other side of the world.”

Chan Chi-Yuk from Hong Kong said, “It is very interesting to have such an activity because we can exchange with the members overseas. I hope I can make more friends in other countries.”

Both youth groups had very positive experiences with the video conference and have already scheduled three more calls for 2012.  One of the meetings will be a gift exchange and another will take advantage of PVC’s screen sharing technology so they will be able to share photos from their different cultures.

Personal Video Conferencing (PVC)

While phone calls are sufficient for communications, the addition of video makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of conversations and meetings. PVC enables better communications between people who are conducting Church business and are in different locations.

PVC services are available for all Church employees, priesthood leaders in certain leadership positions including all members of the Seventy, area presidencies, mission presidencies, MTC presidencies, temple presidencies, stake and district presidencies, high council members, stake technology specialists, bishops and branch presidents, and executive secretaries associated with those priesthood leaders.

To use PVC you’ll need a current PC/Mac or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, or Android) with an Internet connection. You’ll also need a webcam and speakers or headphones. To obtain the necessary PVC account visit and click on “Request an Account.”

Learn more about the PVC by clicking on “How to Use” on to get important details on equipment recommendations, training videos, and other helpful information.

If you have a similar story using PVC or an experience with using Church technology please send your story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we may use it in an upcoming newsletter.



# Richard C. Shipp 2012-02-26 22:14
I have been facing the dilemma of hosting a family reunion with members spread out all over the USA. I'm hoping to find a good video chat service that will allow 10 or more locations to link up, and have an online "virtual" family reunion. Maybe in the future we can use PVC!!!!!



# Jackson Pemberton 2012-02-29 20:47
The Pemberton Family World Wide organization is an association of Pembertons and Pemberton researchers who, for the most part, do not know their relationship to one another except that suggested by the common surname. The association has been formed by individuals discovering and joining via a website. Members of the Pemberton Family World Wide organization ( are located in England, the US, New Zealand and Australia. We are having a reunion and business meeting Aug 9 - 11 this summer. We would like to allow all members to join in some sessions.

Does anyone know of a robust and free system that would support this? Have only experimented with Skype so far and that was not particularly gratifying.

Elder Jackson D. Pemberton
Senior Missionary
Santa Rosa California Mission
# Linda Frahm 2012-04-08 08:40
I'm not sure how many people you want to get together on a video conference, but Google Hangouts is a GREAT option for a few people in different locations. It has a slight learning curve if you haven't used it before, so try it out first. It's free. You sign up through gmail - then click the +you button that will be in the top left corner of the gmail inbox page. That takes you to google +. Create "circles" with your family/group members and then, "start a hangout" with the button on the right side of the page. Invite your "circle" and they can join in. That's probably not explained very well. If you need help, reply to this message and I'll try and call you at the S.R.C. Mission Office. Good Luck. We used it for all my son's Missionary calls home, as he, his Dad, and I were all on separate continents for a while. What a blessing it was!
# Jefferson Guerrero L 2012-02-27 10:22
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