Need recommendation for consumer-grade camcorder for webcasting

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Need recommendation for consumer-grade camcorder for webcasting

#1Postby ksolsen » Thu May 24, 2012 3:44 pm

The product manager needs help this time! (Not that that's all that unusual...)

A user alerted us that the Sony DCR-HC52 camcorder that we've been recommending for Meetinghouse Webcast (referenced on this wiki here) has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. I need to come up with a recommended replacement.

To be honest, we haven't really had the bandwidth to purchase and test a wide range of consumer cameras. So if you have found one that works well with Meetinghouse Webcast, I would love to hear about it. I'm thinking minimum requirements would be:

  • Does not require a tape inserted in order to run
  • No prompts on the screen (sends video only with no extra text overlay)
  • At least 10X optical zoom

Please let me know of any models you have successfully used, and any hints on where to buy, if applicable. Thanks!
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