Handling Tithes and Offerings vs. AMFA funds

Discuss questions around local unit policies for budgeting, reconciling, etc. This forum should not contain specific financial or membership information.
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Postby funaddict » Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:56 pm

sammythesm wrote: If you have boys collecting cash from members, handing it over to a member of the scout committee who then hands it over to a member of the bishopric, you have introduced two new layers of potential cash fraud - likely without any receipts or traceability. Even though we'd all like to think everyone is honest, it's not always the case. In my opinion, it's always better to have members submit AMFA funds directly to the Bishopric via the usual donation method.

I think we can all agree that it would "always be better to have members submit AMFA funds directly to the Bishopric." I believe the OP wasn't asking about the "best way", but what the specific rule or instruction was.
Take this scenario in a cub scout popcorn fundraiser:
Cub scout goes to his neighbors and sells popcorn. Neighbor (non-member) gives cash to cub, who takes it home and gives it to parent, who takes it to pack meeting and gives it to cub master, who after the majority of the money has been turned in, hands it over to Bishpric member.
What is the likelyhood of the bishopric accompanying every cub during his sales effort in case someone buys some popcorn, so he can receive the money directly?

As far as the Bishop being ultimately responsible for the ward bank account, that's true, but He's also responsible for the welfare of the entire ward, yet we don't expect him to hometeach every family and teach every Sunday School, Priesthood, Relief Society, etc. lesson. That's why he trusts those who are called to serve in positions in the ward. Sure there's a chance someone could be dishonest somewhere in the chain, but that goes for any position in the ward, including Bishops.

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Postby lajackson » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:12 pm

funaddict wrote:Take this scenario

After reading the fundraising guidelines in Handbook 2 (13.6.8), our stake presidency does not allow this scenario, so our bishops do not have this problem. But this thread is not about fundraising.

If you live in a country where different policies are sometimes allowed, I would suggest following the guidelines your priesthood leaders give you as best as possible.

Ultimately, the guiding principle is that only a member of the bishopric may receive funds. When service is provided as the fundraiser, it is usually very easy to arrange for funds to go directly to the ward by way of the bishopric as outlined in financial instructions.

If the situation is such that funds cannot be given directly to the bishopric, the bishop should counsel with his stake president on how best to handle the situation.

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