MLS Listing "Stake Leadership" but we are a "District"

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MLS Listing "Stake Leadership" but we are a "District"

#1Postby togiles » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:26 am

I am newly called as our District Clerk. The previous Clerk entered my info in via MLS and gave me admin access, etc... I now show up in our directory as the District Clerk, but under the "Stake Leadership." I'm the only one showing up under that heading, while the rest of the District Leadership properly show up under "District Leadership" on See screenshot here:

Screen shot 2012-02-12 at 10.09.14 PM.jpg
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Moreover, within MLS I only see options to view Stake Leadership (i.e. nothing for District) and I'm the ONLY one showing up in these Stake Leadership views. I have no idea how to get it fixed such that I am properly listed as the District Clerk under District Leadership and can properly see / modify District Leadership callings, etc...

Help! :) Where do I turn to get this fixed?


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#2Postby aebrown » Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:11 pm

I'd recommend that you sign in to CDOL, and then use the Feedback link from within CDOL to report the problem.
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#3Postby togiles » Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:06 am

Feedback submitted. Thanks.
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#4Postby jonesrk » Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:42 am

That has been fixed. Let me know if you are seeing any other problems.
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