Communication in the Missionary Online Recommendation system

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Communication in the Missionary Online Recommendation system

Postby TinMan » Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:29 pm

In another thread, lajackson said this:

Our stake president is already aware of this requirement. And after his interview with a prospective missionary, he is going to know the answers to these questions and will not have any trouble completing the application.

That said, I think this is really an area that would be better left to priesthood leaders to work through, while we deal with the more mundane technical issues of making sure they are able to sign in to the Missionary Online Recommendation System to do so.

This is, after all the actual topic of the thread, and is more in line with our charter here at the Forum. So we should probably leave it at that.

So as to keep with the charter, I started a new thread. But it is really also related to the MLS 3.5 thread:

Communication from those who design and update the Church's websites is less than ideal in many situations. In particular, it was recently brought to my attention by someone in another thread that there is important new information in the "What's New" section of the Missionary Online Recommendation system. While lajackson's Stake President is aware of the changes, the information specifically says that bishops should be aware as well so they can put comments in the "confidential information section" of the application if needed. Afterall, bishops are the ones who deal with the candidate more than the Stake President, and would usually have a better handle on the information required in this particular case.

I might suggest that when important new information is required on missionary applications, a system be put in place to draw the bishops attention to those requirements rather than just updating a "What's New" link and hoping the bishops check it. I know that it isn't something that is checked every time I sign onto the system.

Perhaps a pop up window reminding me to check it with specific information like "Whats New was updated 10-19-12. Please review"? Something similar to the pop up that comes up when you sign onto the calendar?

Or a letter sent in the mail?

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