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Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby teuscher » Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:12 am

I would like to suggest added functionality to LCR. I am a Stake Clerk and I am often in need of teaching new Ward Clerks how to perform their duties and I don't have visibility into what a Ward Clerk "sees" in LCR. I only have access to the functions that apply to my calling as Stake Clerk.

Here are 2 suggestions for added functionality to address this:
1. Add a function to allow leaders to "login as" another leader. For example, Stake Clerk can login as Bishop or Ward Clerk or Stake President or Stake President Counselor. This would give access to a fictitious ward with dummy data. But all functionality with the calling would be presented.


2. Add a function to allow leaders to "login as" another leader in the Stake. For example, Stake Clerk can login as Bishop "Jones". He can see everything, but all "submit" buttons are disabled. This would give access to see "real data", but not allow submission of any item.

This would be applicable for Stake Clerks, Stake Presidents, and possibly Stake Presidency Counselors. It might also be useful for Stake Auxiliary leaders (YW, RS, YM, Primary, etc.).

What do people think?

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Re: Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:16 pm

I think it's a good idea – the suggestion has been brought up at the forum here before (because it's a good idea and it makes sense! :) ) but there hasn't been any indication that such a feature is being developed. There are a few reasons that have been given, but one of the big reasons is that the developers are limited and other things are prioritized first (for example, moving everything online so MLS can be discontinued). Note that the developers themselves don't decide which features to include – other leaders make those decisions.
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Re: Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby McLaughlinES » Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:51 pm

I'm not sure it is a good idea. In essence it is akin to giving your login info to another person but in this case you would not even know who had access to login as you nor how they are using the confidential membership information they accessed. If a ward clerk needs training that should be done in person while the ward clerk is logged into his own account. Ward clerks should be responsible for training all ward officers. Stake clerks should train stake officers. Since the onset of LCR, I have noticed constant requests from stake leaders with all sorts of rationale to have access to ward functions which are usually addressed with a referral to FAQ#1. In essence, the main function of stake leaders is to train and support ward leaders and the main function of ward leaders is to minister to the member. I've noticed that most of the requests for stake access to all the ward based membership info centers on micromanaging the ward from the stake level. As a ward clerk, I have been asked to provide ward lists and quorum/class lists to High Council members and other stake officers on a request basis.

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Re: Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby russellhltn » Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:56 pm

What OP asking for is to be able to view LCR in the role of someone else. One issue that keeps coming up is a leader says something can be found in LCR when they don't realize how much LCR tailors what's available to the individual callings. In this case the request is for the stake clerk (which has close to full rights) to see what others can see so he can effectively conduct training.
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Re: Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby teuscher » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:09 pm

The last interpretation is correct. I would actually prefer to have option 1 (fictitious ward) so I could visualize what the person I am training is seeing.

The post is correct that it would be easiest to sit with the person, but that is very difficult in stakes that span many miles. Some stakes in Utah cover a few blocks, but my stake is a 90 minute drive end to end. And others live many hours from those whom they serve. Thus a feature like this would only help fulfilling duties.

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Re: Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby chrisgrant » Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:56 am

teuscher wrote:
The post is correct that it would be easiest to sit with the person, but that is very difficult in stakes that span many miles.

But even setting aside the issue of travel distance, telling a stake clerk to sit down with a ward clerk to train him is no solution, since a trainer should be knowledgeable about a topic before starting the training. Stake clerks need to be given either (a) access to or (b) detailed instructions for the apps if they're going to be able to train knowledgeably.

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Re: Suggested new feature for LCR

Postby johnshaw » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:18 am


The history of ICS/Clerks shows that the church is completely willing to allow clerks to spend all that extra time doing what you have stated here. Over the last 10 years expectations have only increased on clerks time as we've added all these technologies. It started with the migration from the old LUWS system to the new LCR and all the online tools.

Clerks in every ward and stake are expected to take time and train other clerks and secretaries in all the orgs. If you just use the numbers for NorthAmerica that's 18000 congregations. Imagine the number of auxiliaries to train is on average YW,YM,RS,P (4) and it takes 1 hour to train them, that's 72000 hours - that's the equivalent of 3000 DAYS of time spent in training EVERY YEAR and I'm pretty sure that is a low number.

Given that many don't do the training, I wonder why, the callings are already time consuming and in my estimation only those truly and well dedicated STS/Stake Clerks are pushing stakes for this. So most throw up their hands and have people just figure it out on their own and not deal with it.

Now, think about developing a quick tutorial, yes, it might take several weeks of dedicated time, but doing it ONE time will save Church Volunteers Thousands of hours. I don't think Stake Clerks need to be doing the training, I think CHQ needs to be developing it with paid professionals, leaving the volunteers free to do whatever crazy thing their Bishop or Stake President wants them to be doing, oh, and doing all the things that are explicitly defined in the handbook, rather than those 'soft' assignments made from ICS to clerks.
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