Javarepo going away soon

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Javarepo going away soon

Postby UreskSJ » Fri May 28, 2010 12:54 pm

I want to let everyone know about some upcoming changes to our Maven repositories that will affect all community projects.

Javarepo ( will be going away soon. Community projects will need to use the Main repo ( and Contained repo ( for all dependencies.

The changes required to make your projects work with the new repository setup will be minimal in most cases. All projects should already have the Main repo in their projects and will simply need to enable snapshots for it. Most projects will also need to add the Contained repo to their root POM. A few projects will need to make small changes to dependency versions, but these should be minimal.

Next week, I will be providing patches with all of these fixes to each community project. Please help us get Javarepo turned off quickly by applying them as soon as possible and testing your projects. If there are any problems or you need any dependencies added to the community repos, I'm happy to help.
- Spencer Uresk
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