DB Migrator 4.0.11 Released

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DB Migrator 4.0.11 Released

Postby campbellbd » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:36 pm

Stack DB Migrator 4.0.11 has been released. This version is not associated with a Java Stack release but may be in the future if this is still the current version as of the next Java Stack release.

:mad:NOTE!!! In the 4.0.10 release I introduced a change to substitution variables that required you to replace any double periods following a substitution variable with a single period. This was a mistake and this change has been reverted. If you have not yet upgraded to 4.0.10 do nothing. If you are on v4.0.10 please revert all substitution variables with a single trailing period to have double trailing periods. For example...
CREATE SYNONYM my_synonym for &owning_schema.some_table;
should be changed back to
CREATE SYNONYM my_synonym for &owning_schema..some_table;
A substitution variable does NOT require a trailing period, but if you need one, you must have two as the first one will be swallowed. This behavior is consistent with other SQL tools including SQL Plus, SQL Developer, and TOAD. If you are unsure about this change please ask. Please accept my sincere apology for the mistake.

This release is recommended for all projects but especially if you are experiencing any of the issues listed below. To upgrade, follow the "preferred" method in these instructions https://tech.lds.org/wiki/Setting_a_DB_Migrator_Version" Contact a member of the Java Stack team if you need assistance.

  • Stack-4313 Handle multi-schema/datapump upgrade scenario
  • Stack-4326 Allow v3 and v4 DB Migrator builds to co-exist in the same database schema
  • Stack-4327 Log row count details when upgrading a db migrator installation
  • Stack-4328 Improve messages during db migrator update
  • Stack-4343 NPE encountered when a substitution variable cannot be resolved
  • Stack-4304 Only parse scripts that will be executed
  • UNDO Stack-3719 - Variable substitution swallows a trailing period and should not


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